Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to escape once I have got my horticultural claws into you.  It may involve moving home but, I understand to be true, sometimes the means justifies the end.

Today I spent a special day at Marwood Hill Gardens with Mrs Fish and our mutual friend (and another of my gang) Mrs Bun.  A leisurely lunch and an extended dawdle around this wonderful garden was followed by tea and cake until they were sweeping up beneath our feet.

The downside of insisting that your clients are lovely (with adorable pets and good coffee) is that when they leave it is especially wrenching.  I am wrenched by your moving to the civilised south Mrs Fish.

Thank you, I will miss you. x


11 thoughts on “Wrenched

  1. Lucky Mrs Fish! What a wonderful and special way to spend a day! I hear that the Dierama pendulum panorama there is particularly lovely and also all the blooming Meconopsis?! This sounds like a perennial friendship despite the move? 🙂

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  2. Back in the early 1990s, my colleague in Southern California designed, installed and maintained the landscape of the Bongo Residence. I always thought it was a funny name. Mrs. Bongo’s name was Inga Bongo . . . Seriously. Anyway, Mr. Bongo was supposed to be some high paid politician from some impoverished third world country in Africa who embezzled a whole lot of money from the already poor people who he was supposed to be working for while living the high life and cheating on his German wife. (That is a very long sentence.) He made the mistake of visiting a country in Africa that had no problem arresting him and extraditing back to his home country while Mrs. Bongo lost the home. The family who purchased it was the Osbournes who later filmed the show ‘the Osbournes’ there. My colleague continued to maintain the landscape, and made a few improvements that Mrs. Bongo had not be interested in. The Osbournes were excellent clients for many years, until they too relocated and sold the home to Christina Aguilera. Sadly, that is when the account ended, and Christina Aguilera had much of the landscape renovated in a rather cheap and trashy manner. It was good while it lasted.


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