8 thoughts on “Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’

  1. Just beautiful, I have one, a cutting from my friend Neil but too small to flower yet. Next year! I also have ‘Black Beauty’, that is covered in these lovely flowers, another cutting from Neil.

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  2. Hey! I just featured that on Six on Saturday within the past few weeks. I did not get such a close up of the flowers though. Now that we have one in the garden (in an unplanned sort of way), I want to see how productive they are. The native blue elderberries provide more than we can use, but ‘Black Lace’ is purported to be productive as well. I am skeptical that it could be ‘as’ productive as the wild elderberries, but would be pleased if it is half as productive. It is grown more for the color than the berries.


      1. Well, I probably will not know this year. There will not be many berries. I expect it to be less productive because plants with colored foliage tend to be weaker, but one never knows. A catalogue that sells it describes it as productive, but does not make the comparison.

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