United Nations


My favourite journey to work is the half hour’s drive to The Mantle’s estate on the edge of Exmoor.  The outward trip is always full of photo temptations, especially once the main route is left behind and I have ventured onto B roads, lanes and unmade track.  If I am in good time, dependent on tractors and how early I have fallen out of bed, I will pull into the side of the road and take a few snaps.  Most opportunities are missed; rabbits disappearing into the undergrowth, lambs scurrying back into the fields, a weasel shooting across my path, or perhaps wild snowdrops, honeysuckled hedgerows, meadows and moor views where no safe parking is apparent.  The journey home is similarly strewn with the photogenic teases.  Today a buzzard rose from the hedgerow to my right and glided low in front of the car, skimming the rough hedge to my right.  Perhaps it is proper that these images are captured only as memories.

These lounging cows were misinformed, just a thimbleful of rain today, if that.  The range of colours brought to mind a United Nations of Cattle.  All getting on splendidly.  We can only hope.

21 thoughts on “United Nations

  1. We bike along the Tarka trail to our allotment and there’s a small herd of cattle that wait by one of the gates. So many people stop to take their photos, especially in the early evening light. They’re real posers!


  2. On a trip to the UK once, I remember a similar difficulty with stopping to take photos on small country roads, my husband falling into blackberries in his endeavour to capture that special shot.The thing I notice in your photo apart from the variegated cattle, is the dryness of the grass!


    1. It is a little parched here at the moment, I’m sure it will all pick up as soon as the rains come, which they will, wont they? Glad I reminded you of a UK trip, although the blackberries might have been a little painful!

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  3. Dryness of grass indeed! I have spoken to several folk who say this is the driest the South West has been since 1976. It feels a bit odd, it does seem to have rained so much since we moved down here – up to now!


  4. Great post! My cows seem to get along very well most of the time, but they do have their disagreements. I always wondered what they have to fuss about. There are always plants along the highway I would like to photograph but usually I don’t have my camera. I am going to have to start taking drives on the country roads on Sundays with my camera. We did have much needed rain yesterday evening. I had about 1/4″ a few days ago then a nice 1 3/4″ last night.


    1. That sounds like a good dose of rain, lucky you! Who would have thought that us (in the soggy SW of UK) would be thinking of such things? A squabble is quite natural in a family, possibly about lounging rights. Thanks 🙂

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  5. A certain DT might suggest that that’s a “fake photo”. I’m wondering! The grass looks decidedly green, Feel sorry for the cows all wrapped up in leather on hot days like this. (Might be a little bit of rain over South East Wales late afternoon/early evening Friday; otherwise sunny for days.)


    1. Eeek, you may not have said the words but the initials are bad enough. No, not fake, greener than other bits which I suppose is why they were in there. Thanks for the forecast. I am not packing a waterproof. I may regret this decision.

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