I’ve been away for a few days.  And very nice it was too.  However, it is hard to leave your garden in the midst of the growing season, drought or no drought.  Actually I’m not sure anyone has officially said the “D” word yet, but it won’t be long, mark my words.  The day before we left I watered everything well and shuffled pots into shadier places.  Then I crossed my fingers.  And it worked.  On my return all was well.  On the cusp, perhaps, but fine.  Today I have repeated Thursday’s irrigation.  No one blinked.

This daylily, one of the magnificent Pollies Daylilies seedlings, was revving up to flower before we left.  Kindly, it waited until today to bloom, and very pleased I am too.

29 thoughts on “Return

  1. I am really happy that you frequent the sales area of Pollie’s place. I won’t buy a daylily anywhere else. And of course, if you fiddle with your package (stop sniggering in Sophia Gardens; just accept that your package is comparatively meagre!) you will usually find that there are two distinct roots. If you’re prepared to wait an extra year or two you have twice as many plants with no splitting effort.

    I make no comment about the propensity of so-called enthusiastic gardeners to leave their gardens to the elements in the height of the growing season. Hope Peggy enjoyed her belated celebration. Send her a hug from me. Ta. xx

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    1. You know I am a neglectful home gardener! On the other hand am very attentive to my clients, when I can be bothered.

      Peggy had a lovely time. She is attempting to break the record for the longest birthday celebrations. Not over yet!


  2. There really doesn’t seem to be a ‘good’ time to leave a garden: it’s always touch and go as to whether all will be in order upon the return.

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  3. I’m stressed (you know that feeling) because I leave my house in a few days and for 2 weeks!
    The problem is the same each summer but the heat and lack of water this year makes the situation more delicate. I will (of course) do as you: a big watering and plants in the shade because as you know, the heat wave is still there … Happy for you that you have not lost anything


      1. Haha! You’ve found the right words: “no one does it as well as I could”. Neighbors are also on vacation or don’t like gardening. My parents are old but the housekeeper who takes care of the cat will add some water here or there .. thanks!


  4. Crossing my fingers didn’t work for me whilst I was away. It is officially a drought here now, but no hosepipe ban yet. We haven’t had a drop of rain since the end of May. Oh dear, don’t get me started, I’m a bore on the subject according to my non-gardening friends.


      1. Yes, most of the morning a steady hard mizzle. Afternoon brightened but not too hot. Think we are going to get of relatively lightly with the coming heat. Pop on down if it gets too much x


      2. I would love to, but who would look after my poor dessicated garden? My friends would go on strike if I said I was going away again.


  5. Don’t get started with the ‘D’ word! It is a very bad word. We use it annually here, but for a different reason. We have not had one of ‘those’ in decades, but there are too many people living here who do not understand our climate.


  6. Where is ‘Pollies’? I have a love of Hemerocallis, they have done well in this long period without rain – not mentioning the ‘drought’ word! I too have been away but am lucky to have the most marvellous gardening friend who waters all my pots and the greenhouse.

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    1. Lymington, Hampshire. She is great, check out her website. You are lucky to have a garden friend, my lovely neighbour would do it if I asked, but this time I had faith all would be well. Rain last night and more on the way, although I have been watering this morning!


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