After very enjoyable, but rather hectic, weekend it was a treat to spend the day on Button Moon.  Even better I was joined by my friend Pickle.   First we surveyed the garden.  I was looking for progression and regression in order to make an accurate assessment of horticultural jobs and their relative urgency.  Pickle was compling an inventory of sticks, balls and miscellaneous toys including Pink Piggie.  Later I picked pears and apples, collected seed, weeded re-emerging ground elder and dead-headed herbaceous plants. Pickle rolled in badger poo.   So pleased we didn’t get our jobs mixed up.

20 thoughts on “Demarcation

  1. Weeding ground elder or rolling in badger poo? To be honest, after spending much of my morning battling yet again with ground elder, I’m not entirely sure that I wouldn’t prefer the badger poo. Hard call.

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  2. Frankly, I would have prioritised the removal of badger poo, just in case I slipped and fell face down in it. I am in awe of your certainty of beating ground elder; most would say something like “wishful thinking”. Though I would say that I actually tried to grow some. But it died. So I gave up and planted Fallopia japonica instead. That died too. My indestructible Leylandii hedge is due to die on Saturday. A friend is dropping by. Deliverance (with duelling chainsaws).


      1. Rubbish? I’ll have you know that these are prime leylandii trees! I’ve got a local waste management company doing the removal (all properly licensed). Oddly, works out cheaper than hiring skips as they only have to take the choppings a couple of miles to a nearby farm which is licensed to take tree waste.


  3. I don’t know what ground elder is and had to do some research. Apparently it’s edible, but only if picked when very young. It’s supposed to be good in pasta.


    1. Yes, apparently the Romans brought it with them and left it behind when they went home. Perhaps we should parcel it all up and send it to Italy. Mind you, then in return we would get all kinds of things, including an awful lot of Australian bunnies!


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