4 thoughts on “Vague

  1. That gorgeous colour and bristly stem got me looking in my Wild Flower Book at Vipers Bugloss but the flower shape is different…..so cultivated it is and another lovely Salvia. I’m glad I moved my purple one but I’ve forgotten its proper name! I need you or a very good app 🙂

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  2. Nice. A day that was just you. 😉 BTW, has the royal entourage come and gone? Do you have a roof? Do you have any plants left in your garden? Do you know Burncoose have a 10% off offer on? I have a code. Should I dig your mother up (she looks a little droopy) and put her in the greenhouse for the winter as a “grower” or should I look to see whether she’s filled out down below? Did I tell you that the cat ate the Miscanthus you gave me? It hasn’t regrown yet. Just adding to the vagueness. xxx

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    1. John, you are back to your true, surreal, diverse, incomprensible, lovely self. Fantastic. (might answer some of these questions later, got to try and do a SoS first. Might not happen as I may have had a glass of prosecco (did). x


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