Six on Saturday – Disrupted


It has been a disruptive week.  I am disrupted.  Bits all over the place.

Betwixt and between I have half an hour to spare.  What better use of this time than attempting a Six on Saturday.  I mean if Mr K can fell and dispose of a 15m length of leylandii and still contribute to The Propagator’s weekly assignment surely I can make the effort.  So this is it.  My disrupted effort.

Firstly we have scaffolding.  But you probably guessed that one.  They arrived yesterday morning.  One jolly, one with the demeanour of the devil.  That is just what I need in my life, I thought, another grumpy man.  They took out the front window and passed the uprights and crosses and planks and mud through out house.  Then it rained.  And galed.  And we dashed to cover and recover TV and books and chairs and grabbed paintings from the walls and watched our home implode.  Then they put the window back and we tided up.  All was well.  Until they come back to take it down again.

All my pots have been shoved, unceremoniously, into corners and alleys.  Many are out of reach, watering is not feasible, or my occasional tootling and worrying and nosing about.  One of which  has, by luck, found its way to the front of the corral is a garden centre rescuee, a “no label”.  This is when a little bit of knowledge comes in handy, and as you know a little bit is all I possess.  I was a little bit smug when this dark double auricula started to flower.  This is my glory shot.  Perhaps I should have saved it for later.


Now we have the “cosmos that will not flower but is actually considering it now”.  Cheers mate.  About time.


Next a begonia.  These are not my favourite.  I would not choose them, but OH thinks they are reliable and long flowering and trouble-free, all of which is true.  We must remember that it is not my garden, it is our garden.  This of course troubles me on occasion, but I have decided to keep OH for the meantime and therefore the begonias must also remain.


Another compromise, the pyracantha.  Prickly and painful.  But admittedly the fruit is both beautiful and worthy.


Lastly a garden stalwart, an anonymous fuchsia, which without care or attention returns each year with flowers aplenty.  No showstopper, but a fine spear carrier.

That is your lot.  Which is just as well because that half hour passed and things have been done and fine folk celebrated in the meantime.  Now I have returned and am ready to switch it all off. Thanks The Prop for your continuing propping.  Until next time ……






31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Disrupted

  1. Oh!! My cosmos have done that, too. Or not. Shot up way tall and thick with no flowers. Were yours Sensation mix?

    So has the cosmos of the Tootlepedal blog.

    My mission this winter (one of several) is to read back on your amusing blog.


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    1. No they weren’t but I can’t remember off hand what they were, a dark pink variety I think, hopefully we will see next week! I wonder if the weather is to blame? Very bizarre.

      And thanks, hope you enjoy the backlog, or should that be backblog?! 🙂


  2. I enjoyed this post, still smiling over the “…but I have decided to keep OH for the meantime”
    Fortunately for me my OH has absolutely no interest in gardening so I can do as I like. Or as the plants like. Which is not always the same thing.

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    1. *sigh* seriously, what the world needs is a solution to the roof, then all our problems will be solved, well that and peace and harmony and kindness and love, but I am sure they will follow once all our roofs are fixed.


  3. That pyracantha rox! Did you show pictures of it recently? That could have been someone else. I have not seen orange pyrcantha (here) in many years. All of ours are deep red. I do happen to like the deep red, but a bit of orange would be nice with them. Holly does not make many berries. They do not get pollinated adequately.


  4. Scaffolders are lovely people. They are fixated by their scaffolding and nothing, absolutely nothing, else matters. They have selective vision. You’re lucky they took the window out rather than just smashing a pole through it. I guess you have Pyracantha berries because the seagulls frighten the blackbirds away. And, FWIW, I think OH has excellent taste in plants for all the right reasons.


  5. I absolutely hate having work done on the house – we’ve had continual plumbing issues for a month, but I’d take that over your disruption! That aricula is fabulous. DM me your address, & I’ll sneak over to steal it. Make sure it’s in a fancy pot. Pyracantha is worth the prickles, in my book, but a lot of folk disagree. Hope life has settled for you & OH continues to be worthy.


  6. The auricula is one of the prettiest I have seen, have never succeeded due to snails and vine weevil. Begonias are OK in my book, they flower and flower. Went to Tring with my mother and saw hundreds of dark red begonias planted outside the War Memorial garden as a remembrance for the Passchendaele. Stunning. Is that Fuchsia hardy? As well as beautiful?


  7. Stunning auricula! I love it !
    I hope you don’t have mud everywhere in the house and that the workers are rigorous. I had renovation work a few years ago and I was paying attention to the house and the progress of the work but I forgot to take a look at the garden … I found butts, papers … sigh ..


  8. Yes, the auricula is stunning. I had to google auricula as I so often have to do when I read SoS posts and I want one. Immediately. I’m sure it would be far too hot here. Although you’ve suffered scaffolding blues, it seems as though the garden might have escaped size 12 damage. I hope so!


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