31 thoughts on “Juxtaposition

  1. Sorry to hear this Gill ;(( I can imagine the frustration!
    Not that will bring you consolation but fhat’s how the things go out here as well when it comes to home repairs. It’s tragic situation ;(


  2. How wretched, seems water can find it’s way in whatever is done, we have a similar situation here, about to try for a third time to get it fixed!


  3. Such a delightful cosmos . . . yes, so pretty and colorful. and the scaffolding is so . . . . metallic, yes, that’s it. . . . and it looks so artistic too! Oh! and you are getting rain! How nice!


      1. We thought it had been fixed, but we had to wait out the summer to really know for sure. In September, we had the first rain and it leaked. The roofer came and did a bunch of things, but he didn’t think he had found the source of the leak. However, we’ve had several downpours since then and it hasn’t leaked. Your suggestion makes sense to me, but now we will likely have to wait for more rain and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


    1. A tip: Make sure he sets the new one in 1 to 2 inches of regular mortar rather than in thinset. But if it’s a prefab shower tray the manufacturer’s specs may say that using mortar OR thinset voids the warranty.


  4. Ah, the dichotomy of water: So essential for life and health, and yet so destructive when it ends up in the wrong place! During the current exterior renovation it was discovered that when the roofer installed the new roof & gutters last December they nailed one section on TOP of the drip edge instead of underneath it. Thus 10 months of precipitation has been going into the wall instead of the gutter. It wasn’t noticed because that same gutter also receives water from a second section of roof. Rotten wood sheathing needed replacement now as part of the siding job.


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