Dahlia australis

I have begun to repeat myself.  Most stories are prefaced with “please say if I have told you this before”.  Perhaps it is an inevitable phase of life.  It is not really that important unless, I suppose, you are the victim.

This is Dahlia australis, but it isn’t really.  Grown from seed as such, its semi-double flower indicates that all is not well.   I think that the milkman might have been a-calling.

I am depending on the fact that is that you have all forgotten that I have mentioned this before.  That too is an inevitable phase of life.  Which works for me.

12 thoughts on “Repeat

  1. Look on the bright side. You are at an age where you worry about repeating yourself. Some of us are at an age where we are grateful for the repetition to mask our forgetfulness. And your name is ….? My father was a milkman. Or so dad always said.


  2. Is repeating that serious of a problem? I post my weekly gardening columns on Mondays, and the featured species that goes with it on Tuesdays. Then, on Thursdays and Fridays, I do the same with articles and corresponding featured plants from the gardening column from 2015. (I will back up to 2014 when 2015 runs out next September.) Anyway, the topics from Mondays are often the same as those from Thursdays. They were both written for the same time of year, so naturally the topics are the same or similar.


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