Coconut Ice


There is still a lot going on in Nancy Nightingale’s garden.  Obviously there is the singing, dancing and a little rough housing, but also there are dahlias, rudbeckia, cosmos and calendula.  Although past their best, looking a little windblown and tatty around the edges, they still contain enough vibrancy to restrain the tidy instinct that is strong at this time of year.

This ageratum, grown from a mixed packet earlier in the year, keeps drawing me back for another inspection.  Coconut ice, pure and simple.  And that, of course, is a good thing.

19 thoughts on “Coconut Ice

    1. Dang! I think I would go back for that one too. So many of these varieties of ageratum I have never seen before. I know only the common bedding plant. It is nice blue, but . . . sort of like . . . . a bedding plant.


  1. Nice. Do the flowers open in a mix or is it a case of opening in one colour and changing to the other as the bloom ages? I guess cultivar name is unknown, darn it!


  2. I’m also reminded of the shape of fireworks when they’re blown across the night sky- although it isn’t night in your photo, obviously. Perhaps a little lateral thinking needed. It’s a very pretty plant…I only know the blue one.


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