At Nancy Nightingale’s today we planted out more bulbs, dug up dahlias for their winter sojourn and said “NO!” and “DROP IT”, on repeat, to Scooby the puppy. Whilst stuffing the compost bin with the defunct dahlia vegetation, I rescued some seed heads, certain that my collection needed a boost. Which of course are theContinue reading “Decisions”

My Delight

Many years ago the only tomatoes grown at Cliffe were Gardener’s Delight.  When I took over I rebelled (I know a surprise) and we extended our range significantly.   But still we grew Gardener’s Delight.  Because they are delicious.  Yesterday at Nancy Nightingale’s I sowed seed whilst she hacked back.  I sowed San Marzano tomatoes, radishContinue reading “My Delight”

Coconut Ice

There is still a lot going on in Nancy Nightingale’s garden.  Obviously there is the singing, dancing and a little rough housing, but also there are dahlias, rudbeckia, cosmos and calendula.  Although past their best, looking a little windblown and tatty around the edges, they still contain enough vibrancy to restrain the tidy instinct thatContinue reading “Coconut Ice”