Nancy Nightingale is not a woman of restraint.   The word does not come into her vocabulary.  It is one of the reasons that I like her.

The morning was spent planting some of the hundredweight of daffs, tulips, more daffs, iris and more daffs she has recently bought.   I am not totally without blame.  A few weeks ago I sat next to her as she pushed “buy” with increasing intensity, as I feebly whispered “I think that might be enough now”.  My entreaties were to no avail, she worked herself up to a purchasing crescendo and fell exhausted to the floor as her credit card exploded.

We planted in colourful trugs, painted metal planters, pots and in the borders.   And still there are more.  They will have to wait until next time.  My back may have recovered by then.


14 thoughts on “Restraint

  1. Nancy and TT need restraint. I have recently discovered the joys of interweb ordering on my iPhone. I think I will just have one little peek before I go to bed and…… another parcel arrives!
    Nancy will have a beautiful Spring to look forward to, and I will have some curtains and most of my Xmas shopping done!

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  2. I’ve never thought about planting in trugs! Did you ‘introduce’ some drainage holes? (Or are they like mine and with drainage from having too much soil put in and then dragged all over the garden?) I bought some bargain allium sphaerocephalon (yes, I did just google that and then copy and paste it over – I will endeavour to learn to spell it before they flower) from Wilko’s (50p for 20 bulbs. I bought two packs.) and now have to shoehorn them in somewhere. Maybe a trug..?


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