Six on Saturday – In Haste

Sorry folks, I am in a terrible rush today, so this is going to be heavy on the photos, light on the words.  Almost indetectable on the words.  Let us go, but don’t forget to pop over to The Prop’s site to find out what it’s all about Alfie.

First a cyclamen, a bit raged around the edges but that is the same for many plants in my garden.  Also for the gardener.

Now some “I should have bought them in for decoration but forgot” hydrangea heads.

Bulbs, in pots, but you will have to take my word for it, they could be just pots.  Muscari ‘Mount Hood and Tulipa orphanidea ‘Flava’.

Salvia elegans is always late on parade and I can never quite capture its true colour.

Going into its second winter, this pellie is not showing any signs of giving up.  I hope I haven’t just cursed it.

Lastly, a single flower spike of Nerine undulata.   Will it won’t it?  Hope so.

That is me done!  Must dash ……..


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – In Haste

  1. Ha ha – nicely done, loony tune!! Succinct! Was the ‘raged around the edges’ a poetic phrase…or just a speed typo??
    Love you..from swotty (who is still in bed with flu and has time to notice these minutiae, because she hasn’t actually even seen her kitchen for the last four days, only the four walls of this bedroom which I used to like but am now quite bored of!!!😆😆😆😷) Ps last night I had a fevery dream, that trees were growing out of me and I was sinking under the soil…so I decided not to go to sleep but instead plan my big tree plant which is now on again, as the cavalry, in the form of Gavin Spittlehouse has just appeared on the horizon to offer us his unexpectedly early arrived trees. Can’t think what brought that nightmare on…xx


  2. Always worth reading even if you are rushed, and always lovely photos to look at. That’s all your avid readers need.


  3. That hydrangea is gorgeous just where it is. So much colour still in your garden. Hope you’ve stopped moving & had a nice stiff drink, straightened out some of your ragged (or raged) edges. It’s the season for indoor drinks, regardless the edges.


  4. Again, sorry I missed it. I don’t know if I will ever catch up. My favorite of yours this week is the pelargonium (zonal geranium). I now it is not completely white, but it is still a pelargonium.


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