Stone Washed

Today Lord and Lady Mantle were called away on top secret business, possibly something to do with road testing custard slices, but I can’t be certain.  I was left to my own devices.  Dangerous you might think.  And I wouldn’t blame you.

By nature I am a flitter, jumping from one task to another and back again.  This doesn’t work well when you are working with other more methodical folk.  Being home alone meant I could dance around to my heart’s delight.  Two days of dry weather gave perfect seed collecting weather, if you discount the gale force wind.  I trimmed back the black elder and tree peony, allowing plenty of space for the soon to be on site Men with Machines who are going to trim/butcher the leylandii.  Pots of pelargoniums and dahlias were moved to the greenhouse, I dug up the black zantedeschia and chocolate cosmos to keep them company.  Weeds were ousted and prize winning compost incorporated.

They returned just in time for His Lordship to make me a quail toastie and pour me a pint of claret for lunch.  No one mentioned custard slices.  Mum’s the word.

Although there is still much colour in the garden, gazanias, alonsoa and osteospermums, I loved the muted, stone-washed tones of this lace-cap hydrangea.

18 thoughts on “Stone Washed

  1. Custard slices! Betty’s of Harrogate make THE most delicious Vanilla Slices. I think they would appeal to Lord and Lady Mantle. I have the dubious reputation of eating three at one sitting, though one or two mentioned it might have been four. I am, of course, referring to vanilla slices and not Mantles.


  2. Thanks for reminding me that

    1. I have enjoyed neither custard pie nor custard slice for way too long, and
    2. It is some time since Lady M promised to put her tiara in the safe and write a “all is revealed” account of your indiscretions.

    Some of us don’t forget these little things.


  3. I am rather pleased to hear that you ‘flitter’ in the garden, I too will go into the garden to achieve one task, and return several hours later having done an ‘awful lot’ but with out having finished the original job. This means that the list of work I have made, remains without anything crossed off. Still there is always tomorrow.

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