Good Boy

Initially, I was horrified to see Nancy Nightingale’s pup running around the garden with a chicken head in his mouth. On closer inspection, it appears that dear, lovable Scooby had decapitated NN’s metal rooster. This naughtiness is quite out of character. Apart from digging up many of the muscari I planted last week, wrecking the red hot poker by rolling around on top of it, chewing both my bag and my sleeve and (apparently) getting into the dishwasher to lick the plates, he has been a very good boy. There is no photo of him as he was banished inside, sitting with his wet nose pressed to the window, suffering the hardship of injustice. As a substitute you get a chicken head.

OK, stop your moaning, here is one I took last week.

9 thoughts on “Good Boy

  1. Scooby is a real sweetie..I used to have a black labrador and the tales I could tell! I made a rod for my own back when I told the young pup he was naughty to pee on my seedlings…he never peep in the garden again, and however late I arrived back home, I had to take him on the lead outside on the road!

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      1. Don’t complain. The guy’s learning. Once he’s grown into his paws, he’ll apply his education to dealing with garish pink and green containers. And all will be well.

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