Six on Saturday – Hanging On

Everyone still attached? Hope so. A great point of contact, something to keep us grounded and in touch with the rest of the world, is Six on Saturday. And the glue that binds SoS together is our very own Mr Bostick. Have I gone too far with my analogies? Perhaps. If you’ve got a minute, pop on over and check out what everyone else is up to, you won’t regret it.

As you might have guessed, my theme today is Hanging On, although I may well run out of steam by the end. Shall we proceed, as always, with caution.

First we have Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ which has continued to pop open the odd bloom as it sees fit. I’m not complaining, keep on keeping on, my lovely!

Next we have Fuchsia hatchbachii which lives in the front garden, AKA The Frozen North. It is planted in a half barrel which is being held together with a forcefield of intent. Every leaf has been blown from its body. Still it holds on to a few flowers.

Most of the potted acers have now lost most of their leaves. This mummified acer leaf clings on tight, denying the onset of winter.

Now an unknown fuchsia, gifted by Steve and Dawn, again sited in the Frozen North. Again it has been stripped of all but a few blooms. In comparison, fuchsias in the back garden are quite lush still. I am slightly embarrassed at its naked state and I promise to treat it far better next year. In fact this very day I shall move it to a more sheltered position. Probably.

Onto the disappointing Cosmos, a little nibbled but still the pink eyed bloom is most welcome. I’m not sure what went wrong with them this year, but a few other SoSers have also complained. It is nice not to suffer alone.

Lastly, eventually this dahlia has bloomed. Although I am pleased to see it, I can’t help but think that the margin between first flower and first frost will be very narrow. The flower didn’t look familiar to me and I wondered which of my many under-performing dahlias it was. Luckily the pot had a label in it; unluckily it read “Mystery”.

Keep the SoS faith my friends, til next time.

33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Hanging On

  1. That’s a good theme especially considering that more gales are forecast for the South West. Here the apple trees are refusing to lose their leaves or even consider changing colour!

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  2. Dahlia ‘Mystery’ is quite charming! Is it your handwriting on the label or the real name? 😂😁
    The fuchsia looks like a phygelius but I’m not a specialist. Maybe ask @fuchsiarius on Twitter ?


  3. I think Fred is just being lovely to your Dahlia, which mainly shows that he is the lovely one here. I being a little more straightforward, would say well done to you too for hanging on this long, but is that bloom really worth it? Highly amused by your post this week. Your socks are ready Sis, but I need to drive out of the ‘City’ as our post office is closed, and I don’t think I could wing it with the officers should I be stopped, unlike Jon! Will private message you.

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  4. I’m looking at my own garden right now and thinking that it’s saying to me, ‘tried to hang on, but sorry’. I think by Monday it might have gone to sleep for the winter. I enjoyed your entertaining post and your choice selection of those flowers still doing their best to hang on. Long may they be with you.


  5. I’m going to pitch in with ‘Thalia’ for the Fuchsia, just a suggestion, not definite. Might have to pick up on ‘Mystery’ as a cultivar, it’d be an improvement on ‘Unknown’ or ‘?’ which are my most common varieties.


  6. Heehee… what a lovely idea! Hanging on is sooo true! I have a fair few fuchsias hanging on to their blooms and even a couple of roses with buds (whatever are they thinking?) but it is still very mild down here albeit windy and damp. I think that second fuchsia might be a phygelius, but Jim would probably know.


  7. A forcefield of intent! Must get this for myself. I feel it would have given me a kick up the garden path this week.
    Tá an dahlia sin go h-álainn, Gill. The short flowering time is to be savoured. I hope you had a good gardening week.

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