Six on Saturday – Pale and Interesting

In my late teens, a few months after moving to Bristol, I returned to Cornwall for a first visit home. Whilst catching up with friends, someone commented that I was now “pale and interesting”. I interpretted this as he thought I looked ill. He was possibly right. This week’s Six on Saturday are pale and interesting, although none are, as far as I am aware, homesick.

First, we have Linaria ‘Fairy Bouquet’. As I am sure our Worshipful President The Prop, has a spreadsheet listing all entries in microscropic detail, double referenced, I would do well to confess that this little lovely has been featured before quite recently. This is a much paler seedling, and valiantly continuing to bloom, so doesn’t count.

Next we have a bonasi brugmansia. Brugmansia should not be bonsaied, it desperately needs to be repotted but the gardener has been lax. It is rather an embarrassment. The early morning dew captured on its hirsute foliage was an indication of the cold night. No frost yet though.

Now the ever delightful and diddy, Fuchsia microphylla. The common name is the small leaved fuchsia, although it is also small flowered. Pretty as a pixie picture. Try saying that after a pint of rough cider!

Next we have the skeletal remains of flower heads on the deep red hydrangea in the front garden. At the moment this shrub is holding new born, young, middle-aged and elderly flowers at the same time. I liked grandma the best.

Onto a rather tatty Salvia atrocyanea, doing its best in the circumstances. Blue flowers always make me a little giddy.

Lastly a magnificent tibouchina flower, but not the specimen featured last week in bud. I must confess to owning two plants, this one is Tibouchina ‘Groovy Baby’. Although not pale, it is very interesting and of course groovy, baby!

Stay safe and well my friends, I am especially thinking of those of you across the pond. Take care.

39 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Pale and Interesting

  1. Totes agree that Brugmansia should not be bonsaied. So pleased that you, instead, chose to bonasi yours – a definitely better typographical approach. 🙃 I’d suggest, though, that this is not the time to be transplanting specimens into larger pots. They’ll be OK as they are in their expectation of impending rhyddid. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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  2. Ah … that this tibouchina flower is so gorgeous! The brug will never be able to be “bonsaified” but who knows, you will stabilize it until spring with its leaves? Mine are bared now and in they winter home.

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  3. The tibouchina is a wonderful colour. I’ll not be able to get Austin Powers out of my head now though.
    I’ve got some bonsai Sedums (lifted but not replanted and dumped on the soil in a shady corner). They look rather cute , but I suspect they harbour ill will towards me for leaving them there.

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  4. I have a Fuchsia microphylla which goes by the name of ‘Cornish Pixie’ – never seems to stop flowering, but it is getting a bit tall so maybe needs a bit of a haircut come the spring. Your tibouchina is nothing like pale and interesting – more flamboyant and in your face!

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  5. I am coveting Groovy Baby – is it a granulosa? I took a picture of a gorgeous granulosa the other day…always amazed at what you must keep indoors in the winter or do you have a greenhouse?? Not pale all the way through, but very interesting…

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    1. I have been trying to find out, I just bought it as T. Groovy Baby, nothing to say who its parents were. The other one is Tibouchina urvilleana. As for the winter, I wrap a bit of fleece around them and hope for the best. Happy days x


  6. I have never grown tibouchina though I feel I should, they look beautiful in your photos, and in the tropical border down at Rosemoor. Linaria ‘Fairy Bouquet’ is a new one to me, probably going on The List!

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  7. ‘Bonsai’ and ‘Brugmansia’ do not go together in the same sentence, unless someone says, “I removed the Bugmansia to get more space to display bonsai.”, or, “Bonsai is so much more interesting than the weedy and unwanted Brugmansia, which really should be cut down and burned and desecrated in the most tortuous way imaginable.” One of may annoyances on EBay is how everything, even palms and gladiolus, is labeled as ‘bonsai’.

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      1. Actually, I do not enjoy bonsai at all. It is too artistic for me. However, my Pa is a Bonsai Master in Washington. Because his name sounds like Tomayo, those who meet him for the first time are surprised that he is not of Japanese descent.

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