My Delight

Many years ago the only tomatoes grown at Cliffe were Gardener’s Delight.  When I took over I rebelled (I know a surprise) and we extended our range significantly.   But still we grew Gardener’s Delight.  Because they are delicious.  Yesterday at Nancy Nightingale’s I sowed seed whilst she hacked back.  I sowed San Marzano tomatoes, radish and spring onions, courgettes, melons and marigolds.  And Gardner’s Delight.

You didn’t expect Nancy to have understated labels did you?

18 thoughts on “My Delight

  1. Gardeners Delight, I love them, nearly 40 years ago a lady I worked for, gave me a couple of (yes 2) seeds on a bit of toilet paper, I grew them and it was a revelation! She had come by the seeds from the RHS and since then she had saved precious seeds as they were not, otherwise, available. These tiny tomatoes were certainly not in shops. Seeds were definitely not around. So different now, Baby toms in Tescos etc. and so many wonderful seeds freely available. Life gets better!

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  2. I still grow ‘Roma’. I don’t care if they are common. Really, they used to be common for a reason. Many get canned. We grow only two other big fat tomatoes for slicing with salt. I don’t know what they will be this year.

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      1. That is one I have not tried. So many of the weird heirloom tomatoes became a fad here a while back. What is worse was that there were many new cultivars that were marketed ass heirloom jut to exploit the fad. The common types from the past century are good enough for me.

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  3. I’ve only ever grown Gardener’s Delight until last year (added some beef tomatoes, tasteless!)- this year, I’m going to try Carol Kleins favourite, ‘Sungold’ as per her article in February’s Gardeners World magazine

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