26 thoughts on “Dark and Miserable

  1. Think yellow…bright and beautiful. All plants great and small, yes looking back through posts reminds one what the garden will look like in a few weeks. In the meantime: sow some seeds.

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  2. The sun yesterday was certainly a boost for the energy and the mood, sadly to be deflated today. The discovery of another leak has not improved my mood. When, oh when will this horrid weather be over!

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    1. It is, quite exotic here, but I suppose a lot more common for you. Once when I worked at Cliffe a visitor from Tasmannia was marvelling at all the antipodean plants we were growing. She told me that her ambition was to have a traditional English rose garden. πŸ™‚


  3. Do you grow it outside? Mine has to live in the greenhouse and it will soon be too big. What a joy it is, little balls of sunshine, just what we need just now with so much doom and gloom and vile weather.

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  4. I’ve decided to get on with sewing projects listening to Genesis and Jacqueline du Pre playing the cello. And dreaming of better weather and how my tulips will look in a few weeks time.

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      1. Many of us who grew up with acacias are rather fond of them. We just do not admit to it. There are several that are not so invasive. I would like to plant at least one for the bloom. Acacia dealbata bloom looks like that of other species, but I like other species because their bloom looks like Acacia dealbata. If I live in town, where I would not be too concerned with it getting away, I just might plant an Acacia dealbata. If my friends comment on it, I would just tell them it is another species.

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