17 thoughts on “By Special Request

    1. It belongs to Max (a client). There are lots of azaleas in his garden, all planted by a previous owner and we are slowly warming to them. In fact some are such crazy colours we are definitely roasting hot! This one is very low growing and petite, very nice.

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  1. Gorgeous, is it in flower now? Do you know it’s name? One of those would look lovely in a pot, I don’t have ericaceous soil but would love to grow that.


  2. Sometimes plants that don’t check the calendar will produce flowers shaped or coloured differently to their normal season. What do the flowers look like at the right time? And what does the foliage look like, please? For example, if the flowers have initially/normally a more red edge, then it could be “Gay Paree’. Asking for a friend who has spent every coffee break since you posted this searching the web ……….

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    1. You are so funny John. Hope the build is going well. x As I remember, will check other photos from the spring, these flowers are pretty much the same as earlier in the year. It is very low growing, sprawling really. I’ll see if I can find a photo of the foliage for you.


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