Six on Saturday – Dreary


It always takes me a few weeks to accustom myself to the shortening days and falling temperatures.  All week I have struggled to get up in the morning and when I drag myself out of bed I am more belligerent teenager than disco diva.   Today was no exception.  There is one word that concisely sums it up.  Dreary.  The weather is dreary, I feel dreary, all is bloomin’ dreary.  Still, I suppose it is all part of life’s rich tapestry, complaining will get me nowhere, least of all with you lot, so I will proceed with the always spectacularly undreary The Propagator’s meme, Six on Saturday.  I can’t be bothered to explain what it’s all about, if you haven’t a clue what I am talking about (which to be honest is a regular occurrence for some) pop over to his pad and he can tell you all about it.  Let’s get started.

We begin with a reluctant osteospermum.   Petals held tight, closed until at the very least a single ray of sunshine warms it’s aching heart.  I feel its pain.  Hyperbole, moi?

Geranium 'Blue Orchid'

Next an out of focus Geranium ‘Blue Orchid’.  This is at present lodging at the far end of the alley to nowhere, out of harm’s (read builders and scaffolders, but of course I am just kidding myself nothing is totally safe from their tentacles of destruction) way.  No I haven’t got over their recent little oops but I am working on it.   This lovely little geranium was a gift from Julie, my friend from horti college.  I could see a glimpse of blue out of the window so I went on a trek to find out who it belonged to.   Shimmying through and around I could just about, at arm’s length, with a sophora getting a little fresh, snap a photo.  It was a miracle of perseverance.

Liquidamber and nasturtiumOne of the reasons that it is becoming increasingly difficult to venture down plant alley is the relentless march of the nasturtiums.  Here they are shown avalanching over a liquidambar, whilst a cosmos admires their exuberance.  I keep pulling at it, it keeps on keeping on, laughing at me all the while.

Cosmos budsAnother plant which is showing no signs of slowing down is the cerise pink cosmos.  After a very slow, snoozing sloth-like start, buds are popping up like chickenpox.  This is a good thing.  And not in the least dreary.  I’m bored with dreary now, it is so, well dreary!

Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'It was a tough year to be a rose in a pot, even more so in a garden full of container grown plants where you have to jostle for attention.  Even so, it flowered well at the beginning of the year and has in the last few weeks gifted us some stragglers, this being one.


Lastly we have this diamond of a pelargonium and a confession.  This was given to me last year by Mrs Bun and I was supposed to be donating it to Nancy Nightingale for her garden.  For some reason it never ever made it there.  In fact it didn’t get much further than outside my back door.  My soul feels much better now.  It is very beautiful.

Another Six on Saturday week completed, and yes it definitely is getting trickier each week.  It is good to have a challenge.  Which is no doubt just what I will be saying next time.




24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Dreary

  1. You rise to the challenge every week and it is always worth reading. The geranium is a blue beauty I have not seen before, the pelargonium is just gorgeous and I’m not surprised you have hung on to it.
    Keep going, there will be some bright times in the coming months to warm our cockles!

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      1. I am lucky to go with the flow, perhaps I am too daft to notice. Mr TT says I must be the only person who can drive from N Yorksire to N Wales in the pouring rain declaring that the sun would be out in Betws y Coed – and it was.
        Winter affects Mr TT, SAD at its worse some days so you have my sympathy.
        If I were to get ‘down’ I would be unable to write the marvellous blogs that you do.


  2. Hyperbole, perhaps even rampant anthropomorphism. I’m in the same state about my Nerines: some in bloom, some with buds, some bare foliage. I feel their struggle. As for that pelargonium: aren’t you the tiniest bit worried about Nancy Nightingale reading this post?

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  3. Nothing dreary about that six! Lovely colour on the Osteo, and the Geranium, and the Nasturtiums, and….. I tell you what, cheer yourself up with an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning.

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  4. You might be feeling dreary, but your post is anything but. Such a good and amusing read and little gems of flowers to enjoy. Dare I hope for something as lovely as that Cosmos from the seeds that I’ve just planted, I wonder?


  5. I was about to say, Nothing dreary here, but JohnK beat me to it. Brilliant colours all round. I could never bring myself to repress a nasturtium. They’re the boisterous puppy of the garden, all over the shop but so lacking in malice, I let them have their way. The cosmos here is budded as thickly as your own. Last ditch panic, I suspect. Love that first photo of the osteospermum. Hope to see it open.

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  6. Well your garden looks anything BUT dreary! The little rose reminds me of another of my failures (OOPS – forgot about this one) a darling lilac-coloured, but lemon-scented rose that didn’t survive the beast from the east (it was in a container) and ended up in the compost. I’m now a little afraid for my Osteospermum and the Chocolate Cosmos since the temperature is supposedly heading to 1 degree tonight! I thought it was supposed to be mild in Cornwall?

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  7. ‘For some reason, it never made it there’? hmmmm. I like that one. I must use it somewhere.
    Are your nasturtiums the vining types? I like all nasturtiums, but have grown the vining types only once. They got too big, and lacked bloom. I took them out when the dwarf types filled in. I would like to try them again, but I can not think of what they are good for.


  8. Well we are heading into November which is definitely dreary, dark at teatime is dreary, but your six are lovely. I particularly like your nasty-urchins scrambling through the liquidamber.

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