The Force

There I was, happily sorting fallen leaves into alphabetical order, not a care in the world, when suddenly I was overwhelmed with the sensation that someone was watching me.

Glancing to my right I stepped back, startled.  Could it really be true?  Peering through the gate was none other than Yoda of the Roundhouse, Jedi Master and champion bone chomper.

“The force is strong in you” he woofed.

“Surely you don’t mean Ground Force?” I replied.

“No dimbo” he snarled “The Force, you know the light side as opposed to the dark side!”

“Oh, you mean the trowel floating and the secateur sabre?”

“Yep, that’s the thing.”

“I see.  So how are things with you?”

“Not great at the moment, the dark side is strong, we need more good guys, come and help”.

“I am free this weekend, but I have to be home by Monday”.

“Fine, we should get things sorted by then”.

“I’ll fire up the Millenium Ford Focus”

See you next week.


20 thoughts on “The Force

      1. M-i-L died Friday so a bit of a stressful time for the OH. She had a good innings – almost 95. And to top it all I have a horrid head cold which doesn’t help. Things will get better. And thank you for asking.

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