crab apple

My yearly trawl through reams of digital photos, deleting and labelling as I go, has begun early.   Not only does this attempt to impose some kind of order into my life give the illusion that I am in control, it also gives me an opportunity to share some of these snaps and the reminisces they invoke.  And I don’t have to go outside.

This picture of brace of crab apples was taken on a December meander around the gardens of Chambercombe Manor, not far from where we live.  I do love a crab apple and often recommend them when asked for advice on a small tree for the garden.  Beautiful blossom, abundant fruit, good autumn colour, wildlife friendly with few pests or diseases to ruin the party.  Near perfect.

12 thoughts on “Reminisces

  1. I have a crab apple and it’s the weirdest tree. Not only has it been very slow growing, the growth it has made is strange and reminds me of a drowning octopus throwing throwing its tentacles up and shouting help. If indeed such a thing could happen. Splendid flowers in the spring give it kudos though.

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  2. Oh, I was just about to feature crabapple in my weekly rant on one of these upcoming Wednesdays! We have nice fruiting crabapples at the farm, but only because they were planted a very long time ago. No one grows them here anymore. My rant about the flowering crabapples is that, in order to avoid a tangled thicket of branches, ‘gardeners’ prune everything off, so that they don’t bloom! Why bother growing them if they can not bloom?!?!?!? There are two across from where I work a few days weekly that were just pollarded. They bloom so perfectly back in about 2011, but not since.

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  3. As long as the recipients of your advice are alerted to the possibility of a neighbourly exclamation along the lines of “You have crabs!” Though, perhaps because of the summer weather, I don’t have anywhere near as many as I had last year.

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