crocus shoots

I take photos for two reasons and these are taken into account when I am culling them.  The first reason is I am attempting to produce pictures that I can share with you and use to illustrate a point without having to apologise for the quality.  I also take them for scientific records.  Even if a photo is blurry and uninspiring I hold on to it to show which dahlia was flowering on a certain day or, in this case, exactly when the crocuses were showing their fresh green shoots on Lord and Lady Mantle’s estate.   This means I can compare year on year.  If I wanted to.  Which as yet I have not felt the need to.  I’m a pretty pathetic scientist.

13 thoughts on “Records

  1. I find taking photos of my plants and even the local wild flowers is a brilliant way to compare what is happening month by month and year by year. As you say even the blurry photos serve a purpose for this. And so much more reliable than my memory.

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  2. I am right there with your need to take photographs. I understand exactly what you mean. I find it interesting to look back to see what was in flower in my garden last Dec (for example) and how much some plants and veg had grown… or not!

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  3. We all take lots of photos. Some take a blogging break so that they can (supposedly, according to statements made) organise them. The rest of us search high and low and eventually find what we’re looking for. I can vouch for your prettiness. I didn’t know you were a scientist but the rest I will accept as absolute truth. 😉 xx Hope the foot’s getting better.


  4. Photos with the plants/seedlings are so very useful. I don’t know what I would do without the possibility of taking pictures :0 (well, I’m sure I would survive….).


  5. I tend to keep a handwritten map of what I plant in a bed but invariably things get moved around. So the last resort is to go to the photos taken of the garden to crosscheck what has been moved and where. So, you can’t take too many pictures as far as I am concerned. And they are all dated! So easy. Hope the foot is coming along well. X


  6. My colleague down south somehow remembers the dates of many of the blooms in his garden. I don’t know how he does it. I had to write down the dates of when I planted all my fig trees and other fruiting plants on one of the garden parcels, only to lose all the records to a . . . . well anyway. I have not even bothered writing down the dates of when the blooming plants bloom. Once planted, figs are not much to write about.

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