poppyUp until today I have felt quite ambivalent about my injury.  Injury makes it sound like I did something noble to aquire such damage, I should really call it a stupid self-inflicted accident.  Much more accurate, but not helpful on the glum monitor.  The rain has helped.  Work would have been challenging and uncomfortable, so a lucky escape in that department.  Today however it became an annoyance, a sadness.  Or was that yesterday.  When I tried to get through a door whilst inexpertly driving my crutches, or when my coat was dragging in the rain or when I had to ask for help to carry the coffees to the table whilst my friend was parking the car.  A lesson.  Learnt.

Earlier today I heard on the radio a representative from a homeless charity saying that celebrities sleeping out for one night in their designer sleeping bags was patronising to the true homeless.  I thought him harsh.

Now I realise that, god willing, in a few weeks I will be back on my feet and dancing YMCA with the best of them.  How to negotiate steps and doors and all manner of public places will be a problem of the past.  Some will not have this luxury.

10 thoughts on “Learnt

    1. OK back now, the point is that just because you experience something for a night, or a short time, doesn’t mean that you can understand what it is like to have to deal with these things day in and day out, with no escape. Does that make it clearer?

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  1. It is not until you have sustained an injury and have had to deal with the limitations it presents on a personal level can you truly empathise. I have been crippled with a meniscus injury for over 18 months. BEcause I don’t have a disabled parking badge I have problems parking so husband often has to drop me off while he parks the car. To put it in context we have disability parking for people with walking sticks/crutches. It makes me so annoyed when able-bodied people park in those bays.

    As for the celebrities sleep rough they should swap their designer sleeping bags with the single blanket or cardboard used by the homeless. AND sleep more than one night in the cold. Only then can they truly understand. 🙂

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  2. I would say I agree about the sleeping out – an insult to people who have to do it night after night.
    I wish you better of course and yes, these things make us think a bit about people for whom it doesn’t get better. It’s hard to think about .

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  3. Here we had a TV series on one of our more serious channels where wealthy people slept rough for a week with nothing but some second hand clothes and a sleeping bag…no money, no phone and no help. They actually had to beg or find some other way to survive. Of course the camera man was there, but the participants were really pushed to the limits, and the experience affected them greatly. The series also shone a light onto the challenges homeless people have to face daily. I thought it was a worthwhile program.

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