Six on Saturday – If you think I am going out in that you’ve got another thing coming


Afternoon all, it has been a challenging day on the Six on Saturday front.  In fact I am finding it tricky to comply with any of the criteria, including the most basic “six” and “Saturday” aspects. It is tipping down outside, the wind is howling and I am still indisposed in the foot department.  Am I going out to take photos? No way José! Never mind, as it is nearly Christmas  I am sure that our very own purveyor of comfort and joy, The Prop, will be lenient.

I haven’t been in the garden proper for a while, so I can’t report first hand what is happening out there.  There have been rumours and I have imaginings.  The builders traipsed back and forth through the Bed of Anarchy to repair the tiles that the scaffolders broke.  The wind has been so strong and spiky that many of my sensitive souls stored in pots in the top garden, yet to return to the warmth of the courtyard, are no doubt distressed.  All these things will have to wait until I brave the steps and investigate.  Possibly best not to know at the moment.  Let us head off down the road and see where we find ourselves.

First we have a lone lobelia flower, this photo was taken yesterday and I can say without fear of contradiction that it is probably looking even more sorry for itself now.  I am very fond of lobelia, they are tougher than they look, need little maintenance and come in some wonderful colours.  Their only downside, and this is being picky, is that they are a bit of a faff to grow from seed.

Allium aflatuense 'Purple Sensation'

Next we have a packet of Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’, who with its twin is yet to be planted.  I thought they would bring some early colour and later structure to the garden.  I was waiting until the BoA died down a little so I could push these in between the other perennials.  Things don’t always work out the way you planned it. They were very cheap, so no great financial disaster if they don’t get in the ground.  As soon as I can I will shove them in somewhere, where there is life there is hope.


Now another job not done.  I bought these primulas a few weeks ago, to brighten one of the planters in the front of the house when the resident annuals had given up the ghost.  Perhaps in the next week I might manage it.  It won’t take long and I need to keep my hand in.

Allan Jenkins

This morning OH greeted with “I’ve cut the door off your plastic greenhouse, it was flapping about all over the place.”  I will leave that with you.

The postie bought me a parcel today and inside was a book, a present from Phlomis Phlo.   Not a Christmas pressie, a pass it on gift from a thoughtful someone to another body who might have a little extra time for reading at the moment.   I have heard about this book, and am looking forward to discovering its treasures.


Shall we finish on this plucky gazania?  Bedraggled but not beaten.

We did it.   Some days it is more difficult than others, that is true, but all the more fun for it.  Pop on over to Prop’s site to find out what is going on in the rest of the world, and yes, I mean The Whole Wide World.  You never know what you might find.


31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – If you think I am going out in that you’ve got another thing coming

  1. “This morning OH greeted with “I’ve cut the door off your plastic greenhouse, it was flapping about all over the place.” I will leave that with you.” I winced. I heard him scream from here.
    I am trying to persuade my OH I need a greenhouse. A woman cave.

    the gazania is plucky! They are such amazing plants except in the summer when mine look like birds’ nests.

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  2. The day the wind broke the door of my plastic greenhouse (and one side) and when all my tomatoes (in August) died from blight, I told my wife that my next birthday present would be a glasshouse… It was not a dream, I have it now even if I had to pay it anyway. Now I’m quiet (except on hard cold days, the next step is a heater inside)
    Gazania and Lobelias … you’re lucky to have these flowers now …

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    1. It is, but I am lucky that the weather has been dreadful. Bright, sunny days would be torture! Would you like me to send you the book when I’ve finished? I’ve been asked to “pass it on”. If so DM your address.


  3. I wonder if Relate have a specialist in garden related relationship issues? I dismantled my plastic greenhouse in the hope of getting a mini glass one at some point before the spring.

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  4. Just tell OH you were going to repair the flapping door next week but now he’s destroyed your greenhouse altogether and should wander off with his tail between his legs to buy a new cover if he can find one or a new greenhouse if he can’t. If he doesn’t comply, throw the boot at him.

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  5. I also have a plastic greenhouse, but it mostly lives in the shed (it’s very small) as the weather is too hot to use it except for a few months. I agree with you about Lobelia which belongs in my unsung heroes selection, and self seeds about the place in a very satisfying way.
    I just read a review of Allan Jenkins’ (who I haven’t heard of before) memoir in the Guardian: it seems like a desperately sad account of a life but an account well worth reading.

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  6. I’m with you on lobelia. An unsung hero of the garden that just keeps trucking along with little to no attention. I love the sweeps of vibrant blue tones in gardens and obviously for me, trailing white lobelia is the bees’ knees.
    Everyone on SoS has inspired me to purchase alliums and seeing your packet of bulbs, I am finally convinced!
    And seeing your primroses reminded me that at the beginning of spring, I lifted many white ones from pots and tubs and potted them in plastic and shoved them out of sight out of mind beneath the thick canopy of a fledgling tree fern. Have now checked, as they truly were forgotten, and they are thick and healthy ready to be reintroduced to the spotlight in autumn! So thank you for that.
    And as for your greenhouse story, I love it!!! Sorry but I did have a laugh. Go get the brick/timber and glass one now. You have a point of leverage! Hope the injury/moon boot scenario is progressing well. Cheers!

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  7. It is actually not too difficult to get six pictures. I got six pictures of the same project! I often send pictures that are not very relevant to horticulture. I will be sending pictures of the weather next week, just because rain is such big news for us here.

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  8. Lovely once again to read your post and all the comments. It is always a positive when the weather being too bad to garden coincides with an incapacity to garden. This week I googled a book instead of a plant and was moved by the review in the Guardian. I’m happy to be in the queue for this one if its possible. All the best with the foot.

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    1. Haven’t heard from Tim, so you can be first in line! Have to read it yet though …… 🙂 My foot is getting there thanks, think I overdid things a little and it is a bit painful at the moment, but my own silly fault.


  9. Are they African violets in the 3rd photo ? I have many African violets in my front garden same like the ones in that photo. You still have flowers blooming in your garden reminds me the autumn here. At this time of the year, we are covered by snow at -10 degrees Celsius. My plants are all in the heated green house now. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas 🙂


  10. They are blue primroses, the others in the planter could be red or yellow or even pink. African violets sound wonderful, such an amazing colour. Sounds chilly where you are, keep warm and have a great Christmas. 🙂


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