Today was just what a winter’s day should look like, an identi-kit.  Cold, but not too cold, golden and tranquil.   Perfect for a walk.  A slow and short walk of course.   I am far from full health, but am equally as distant from my injury.  It did us both good, we spotted badger and fox runs, confused bramble flowers, foxglove rosettes and the most incredible lichen.  Slow is sometimes better than fast.

After lunch I wrapped myself up again and ventured into the garden.  Tonight is forecast to be below freezing and some swaddling was required.  I tugged pots under shrubs and into huddles.  I carefully transported those small and precious enough down the steps to the courtyard.  I tipped used compost in mounds over still-in-the-ground dahlia.  And I crossed my fingers.

Whilst searching for last year’s horti fleece I pulled the door off the under stairs cupboard.   “I’ll fix it when I come back in” I promised.  I knew I wouldn’t have to.

5 thoughts on “Slow

  1. I always get jealous of other people’s lichen, mine being so boring. Peggy’s safe, I hope, in the greenhouse, her tiny tuber cossetted in a pot of compost which I’m agonising over – whether to dampen it or leave dry as the foliage still hasn’t died back. The rest of the dahlias can take their chance. See you on Saturday. xx

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