Blanket of Love

We travelled home yesterday after a second Christmas with my family in Wales.  Our journey was delayed, someone had been hit by a train and the line had been closed between Bristol and Taunton.   I don’t know the rest of the story.  It well may have been an unfortunate accident, but I can’t help thinking that life had become too painful for some poor soul.  The festive period can be a gruelling time for the lonely and excluded.

Whatever the reason, it is a sad tale.  One that has undoubtedly given distress and sorrow to many;  the train driver, the emergency services called to the scene and those that knew the victim.

We were warm, had plenty to read and adequate supplies.  Our fellow passengers were relaxed and we got home safe and unstressed.  Still I couldn’t stop thinking about the person who had died so tragically and all those who find this sometimes cruel world too great a challenge.

This morning I discovered that a friend’s home was destroyed in a serious fire a couple of days ago.  The family is safe but their house is almost certainly beyond repair and they have lost most of their possessions.  However they are buoyant and positive and are being supported by each other and their friends.

Something else happened earlier today.  And it got me to thinking.  There was a ring at the door and a parcel left on the doorstep.  Inside was a blanket, handmade by my friend Emma.  A surprise, a wonderful surprise.  It is beautiful but so much more than that.  I cried at the kindness of it.

Friends and family can not always protect us from misfortune.  But when adversity does strike, and as we know “into each life a little rain must fall”, it is these people who surround and embrace us.  Even when it turns out to be a deluge and not just a shower.

My dear family and friends are my blanket, they fold their arms around me when I need it, they keep me warm with their love.  I am very lucky and I am thankful.  It should be said out loud every now and again.  Happy New Year everyone, thank you.


30 thoughts on “Blanket of Love

  1. You are such a special person I find a smile arrives whenever I think of you which is often 🙂 This afternoon as I tackled the long neglected undergrowth beneath a lovely liquidamber tree I imagined you leaning in on your spade and saying ‘separate off the soil its precious’
    ! and I reminded Mr Frost that whilst working away he should be regaling me with amusing stories of recent reads and the like….we miss you! Happy New Year!

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  2. Thank you for saying so. As great as life is here, we are dealing with some of those who have lost not only their homes, but their entire communities. Some live here now, and are trying to settle in. There are mean people (with their own problems) who don’t want them to stay here in campers and whatever they managed to escape with, but there are many more who will make it all work out.

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  3. Such a shocking thing to happen. My OH was at Shrewsbury station some months back when a similar incident occurred. Truly dreadful. Good that you have family and friends to stand by you and offer love and support when needed, but not everyone does and the ‘festive’ season can be very hard I imagine. Let’s hope that 2019 is a year when people show kindness to each other.

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  4. Terrible to think of such a tragedy at Christmas or any time. Glad you are home safe and warm with your family. Lovely blanket, what a kind friend. Yes, family and friends are what makes it all worth while.
    Happy New Year dear Gill, keep on lighting up the blogworld and delighting us all with your funny, quirky and thoughtful posts.


  5. Horrible, sad, tragic things take no account of seasons or dates. Hopefully humanity, family and friends will help us through whatever the fates fling at us.
    A comfort blanket for a friend, the gesture speaks volumes.
    Happy New Year and may any troubles be very small, 💕💕💕

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  6. Yes, family and friends are our blanket. A comfort blanket we can also turn to in times of need. Living so far from my family based in France and the UK our friends become family. We are all out here alone and in need.


  7. Christmas can certainly be a terrible time for some lonely people and I am full of admiration for those who make it part of their festive season to go and help make the time more enjoyable for others. Your post today generates much thought about this. What a beautiful blanket your friend gave you. It looks the epitome of warmth, care and comfort. Happy New Year Gill. I look forward to reading more of your posts this year.


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