This little flower is blooming in a narrow border maintained by the local council, just around the corner from where I live.  It is a newly planted shrub, just two spindly twigs, and I first noticed it last week.  But what could it be?  It looks very much like a philadelphus, but flowering now?  Am I being dimmer than usual?  Any ideas anyone?

12 thoughts on “Mystery

    1. I do not know why words get changed when I post, it definitely said ‘coronarious’ so I will see what it does this time.


  1. Newly planted eh? (Hmmmmm!) Aside from the fact that most of us have experienced unseasonal blooming of plants at all the wrong times over the last year, it could well be that the conditions in which the shrub was kept before being newly planted could have messed with its inner clock. Or maybe plants are talking about you behind your back and it’s just mocking you.


  2. It reminds me of a shrub that I inherited with my previous house; never could figure out what it was and so I just called it the Mystery Shrub. Mine was not fragrant, though, and bloomed in early summer. One day I found a stoneware plant marker saying “Plantus Unknownus” and so it finally got tagged that way, lol. I was pretty sure it was in the Rose family, quite possibly some Rubus or other but that’s as far as I ever got.

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