Lachenalia quadricolor

Yesterday I attended, along with Hero and OH, the local Plant Heritage lecture day and lunch at Marwood Hill Gardens.   I listened intently, notebook in hand, to talks on scented shrubs and later about botanising in Madagascar.   I even remembered to pack my specs so I could actually see the slide show.   I wandered around the garden for a meagre hour, enjoying bluebells and magnolias.   I scoffed my lunch, including a rather fine mixed fruit crumble and custard, and made new acquaintances.  I possibly heckled the Officer in Charge of Raffle Drawing and then won two books (one on rhodies and one about growing fruit.  All rather wonderful.  But before all this had begun, there was another important job to be completed.  Yes, you’ve guess it, shopping!  In true plant hunter style I tasered the opposition and perused the fine wares on the plant table.

The result of which is that I have bought another inappropriate plant.  There was no deception involved, I knew just what I was buying.  I have killed one before.  Lachenalia quadricolor, the four-coloured opal flower.  Its natural habitat is in crevices of granite outcrops throughout the Western Cape of South Africa.  And it will not tolerate frost.  What could possibly go wrong?  But just look at it, surely not one of you could have resisted!?

I may also have bought a trillium.

9 thoughts on “Inappropriate

  1. Glad you had a nice time. And won two prizes. I was cutting lawns, weeding, potting up. And eating home-made chocolate cake with my coffee.

    Good luck with the Lachenalia. I bought two last year at an AGS show (and mentioned in a SoS) when I also won two prizes in the raffle. Treated them (the Ls) by the book. Brought them back into growth at the right time. This year I have lots of lovely foliage. No flowers. No sign of flower spikes. But then, unlike you, I’m just a common gardener (though I live in hope of my Peggy skills). Hi Mum. 😉

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  2. That sounds like my mind of day. Of course you had to bring the lachenalia home. I have killed three. Not outright, but by slow agonising degrees. Killed them with love; I now know they need a dry summer dormancy. Good luck with yours.


  3. It’s certainly a gem, that Lachenalia. I planted some L. mutabilis bulbs last year but frost burnt the leaves before they could flower. I didn’t know about a dry summer, so they may have been overwatered. Time will tell.

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