This is the season of the striptease.  Teeth grindingly chilly in the morning, warranting thick jumpers and substantial socks.  By early afternoon the sun is blasting requiring a peeling of layers until decency dictates a halt.

I’m not complaining.  The jolting icy air is as effective as smell salts to invigorate the sluggish gardener, the later gentle warmth carresses the muscles and boosts the batteries.

Tomorrow we have rain.  I will have to depend on my reserves.

8 thoughts on “Striptease

  1. Come to south Wales. We have a bit of wet in early morning then a sunny late morning and afternoon before showers in the evening. Nice. Will refill the water butts. Tho if you do come this way, please keep your clothes on. Don’t want the neighbours talking!


  2. Did you keep your layers in place today? Not enough here to fill the butts but some stunning hail. There is a promise of something warmer coming our way again soon!

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  3. That is an . . . interesting way of describing it.
    We have had some torrential downpours that bring several of the guys I work with inside to put on their rain gear at the same time. It is a flailing frenzy of bright yellow vinyl and velcro while we zip and button each other up where we cannot reach . . . and then, by the time we finish, the rain stops.

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      1. Fantastic? It is a bunch of wet guys wrestling about and groping in yellow vinyl. Ew. Ick. . . . . Ew . . . . Ick. . . . Okay, enough of that. Black is probably better than yellow. The yellow makes us look like big banana slugs. One of us is quite . . . . large. I try not to giggle, but can not help it. Years ago, while working at a local state park, he and his associated dressed up in animal costumes for school children. He somehow ended up in the banana slug costume. I really can not imagine how . . . . or why . . . he got into it.

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