Rogues and Roses

Bill and Ben’s garden was well planted, albeit several decades ago.  To paraphrase Tennyson, it is “red in tooth and thorn” out there in the horticultural world.  And we are talking about plants not the gardeners!  Unchecked, interlopers invade, the vigorous stifle the slow-growing and the neglected grow unkept.  I have been clearing an areaContinue reading “Rogues and Roses”


Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Ayesha’ is no one trick pony.  The pretty puckered flowers would be reason enough to welcome this beauty into your garden.   You could sit back and say “you have earned your place with your glorious blooms, no need for anymore effort”.  But then, as a autumnal bonus, the serrated leaves blush scarlet beforeContinue reading “Dinosaur”