Today I found a beautiful double helianthemum, struggling to hold its plumpious blooms above a mat of persistent ivy.  I cleared around it and mentally marked it down for some cuttings on my next visit.

Then I continued digging nettles and brambles and pulling out my arch nemesis, cleavers.  To ensure I still had some unmarked skin at the end of the day, I was covered from head to toe and I sweltered as I cleared.  For a harsh job it was strangely enjoyable.

A robin and female blackbird took turns in harvesting as I grubbed.  Every so often I would throw them a worm, feeling a little guilty for its sacrifice.  This wasn’t really necessary.  Their pin point eyesight spotted feasts that I had no hope of locating.  They zipped in and out taking their spoils to well-hidden nests to feed their hungry young.


10 thoughts on “Found

  1. I have cleared some cleavers and nettle tops to the compost bin but there still seems a load to do. I bet it was hot work yesterday.
    Beautiful helianthum, I have not seen that double yellow before.

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  2. I have found what must be a double daisy in my garden (well under the compost bin) just the common daisy, but all white. Must take a photo of it before it dies. I love to find quirks in nature. Perhaps when you have finished there you could come and clear my iris patch of cleavers and a couple of brambles – I can’t get to them now for fear of trampling the irises! But I know you are more agile than me 😀

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    1. One of your Six on Saturday perhaps! A couple of brambles no problem! The cleavers a synch, as long as I am fully covered! I am going to a shindig this weekend I was trying very hard not end up with scratches and hives all over my arms. Only a few got through, not too bad at all. It is not a good look, and hard to explain if you are not a gardener!

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      1. Yes, I must get out and take a photo of it. I managed to ‘burn’ my hands this week – not sure on what. I did cut some Euphorbia but wore gloves for that, and I potted up several Violas. It is all around the thumb and forefinger so quite strange.


  3. What a beautiful flower! I love your photos and your style! I would love to nominate your for the Mystery Blogger Award! The article will be up on my site ( ) in a few days!

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  4. Cleavers! Yuck! We have something just like it here. It is the same name, but I believe it is a different species. It is not difficult to pull or anything. It is just so prolific and abundant!

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