Six on Saturday – Time Travel

This week I have had to enlist the assistance of the time machine again, on loan from our very own Six on Saturday Time Lord, Dr Prop.  At this very moment in time I am not only here with you I am also up to high jinx on another planet, possibly indulging in age inappropriate dance moves and eating too many vol au vents.  Something like that anyway.

First we have an argyranthemum.  A new purchase and a lovely one too.   It is very likely that I have said this before, but I will tell you again just in case you have forgotten.  A few years ago, when I asked his esteened opinion, a very knowledgeable, finger on the pulse, RHS type of person said that argyranthemums were the way forward.  I quite agree.

On to the demon hybrid bluebell.  They are here.  They look very pretty.  We cannot blame them for that.

Next we have a hellebore stuck in Groundhog Day.  I don’t mind in the slightest, although I do hope it doesn’t exhaust itself.  I don’t want to be hearing excuses next year.

Next another new purchase, an osteospermum.   It wasn’t in flower when I bought it, but I took a chance.  I am a wild child.  Perhaps more accurately a wild woman a little past the first flush of youth.  No matter.  You know what they say, “faint heart never won fair Whirlygig”  (possibly).

Last weekend we had some visitors from the Big City.   As the planters at the front of the house were very “Winter into Spring shabby and not in the slightest bit chic” I decided to install “Summer into Autumn fresh and unsullied by neither time nor mollusc”.  I think they were fooled into thinking I keep a tidy garden.  One of the newbies is this Bidens ferulifolia.  This lovely is everything a bedding plant should be, bright, floriferous with the possibility of surviving the winter to give us more joy next year.

And bringing up the rear is a mini cheat.  This tulip is not in my garden, nor was it ever.  However over the last few weeks I have greatly enjoyed the glorious rise and fall of the blooms.  Slowly transforming from tender young buds to silken brazen hussies.  Just wonderful.

There we have it, another six.  And don’t forget, if you need to borrow the time machine, just contact Dr Prop and he will put you on the waiting list.  It comes in extremely useful sometimes.

29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Time Travel

  1. I have always had a crush on osteospermums but they have never been successful in my garden (or only for a short time in large containers). Maybe to sow them instead of planting them? My in-laws, 100km from here, succeed every year.
    Nice picture of bluebells!


  2. I now have visions of you having just invented the osteospermum dance. Is “Dervish” your middle name? Perhaps yo0u could insert a bit of foot-stomping into your dancing. Might help to wake your Mum up.

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  3. The osteospermum is stunner. So is this time machine a DeLorean, Tardis, ride on lawn mower or shed?


  4. Argyranthemums are so lovely and last through the winter down here, except when it snows as I discovered when the Beast from the East last year put paid to my rather lovely raspberry red one. It has been years since I saw a Whirlygig osteo. I suspect not one of the hardy varieties though. Hope you are enjoying the partying! Be careful not to eat too many vol au vents!


  5. I had lovely cherry red argyranthemums a year or so ago, and like Jude lost them over the winter. I’m also a great fan of the osteopspermum, mine is a more humble variety but flowers non stop from now to autumn. A winner. Beautiful photos.


  6. Demon hybrid bluebell? Did I miss something? It looks great. Is it the bluebell that has been so invasive?
    That osteospermum looks odd. It seems like not too long ago, we could only get the ground cover types, and they were almost always white, bit an occasional purple one mixed in.


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