Perfect Parcel

Who doesn’t love to get home from a hard day at the coal face to find that your previously ordered plants have arrived?   I have heard tell that are some strange folk out there who wouldn’t get quite as excited as me, but this could be apocryphal.  A parcel is a wonderful thing and one containing horticultural jewels is even better.

This cardboard box arrived today from Fibrex Nurseries, it contains three different ferns, an abutilon, a correa and a grewia (no me neither).   The plants are healthy and generous in size, they were packed immaculately wrapped in newspaper and bedded in shredded paper.   Not a piece of plastic in sight.  Great service, great ethos.   Just perfect.


13 thoughts on “Perfect Parcel

  1. I bought 8 lovely pelargoniums from them last September, all lovely plants except one that died despite overwintering them all in the conservatory. Your ferns look much healthier than ones I have just taken delivery of! I have used several online nurseries and just beginning to understand which ones I prefer. And I so want a Correa, but have spent so much this year so far on new herbs, perennials and climbers. I shall put it on the list for next year 😀

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      1. The white one looks lovely. You must have the Correa ‘Marian’S Marvel’ The pink one ‘dusky bells’ looks rather nice too. If you do manage to get rooted cuttings then I would love one, but I might sneak one of the white ones onto my birthday list (even though that is not until October… ) 😉


  2. I haven’t thought to try Correa cuttings, but will forthwith. I’ve planted two new ones this summer, and am waiting for them to flower. Hopefully soon.


    1. This was a fluke really because the mother plant had been blown out of the ground in the storms and after I replanted it I cut it back to give it more of a chance. Mum looks rather poorly still, the kids are looking fine!


  3. Yes, perfect. not fair. I just got a parcel that was put in the wrong mailbox. It was medication than men are embarrassed to talk about. I had to drop it back into the missorted slot.


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