25 thoughts on “Carnage

  1. Sorry to hear about this. I thought to be something happening only here. Not many choices to buy on-line even so….Hope it will recover, most lupins are pretty tough.

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  2. I received Lupins in the autumn in a similar state, the company said they had just come out of the chiller and would be ok if I planted them out into the garden. Only one has survived, had a refund, will support local nurseries from now on.

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  3. Normally, I wold remind someone that mail order plants do not look like they do in the pictures right away; but this is deplorable. It would have been different if it were a bare root plant, and not so wadded up in medium. Okay, I just looked at it again, and it really is quite bad. My yuccas come bare root as tiny seedlings that fit into an enelope like those that greeting cards get sent it, but it works for them. Not for lupins.

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      1. I did that with the Michigan Bulb Company. I got several rotten bulbs, but was too embarrassed to say anything about it because they were so very rotten, likely because they were bagged for too long before they got sent on their way. I felt badly about it later because I should have let them know about the problem so that it does not happen so the next guy.

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  4. I can’t believe that. How can anyone think that would be acceptable?

    I got a plant order yesterday that was sturdy and beautifully packaged (using materials that could be easily recycled, including a cut out hessian cover, tied into place to keep the soil in) – the best I’ve ever seen. It is a clear sign that somebody cares, but it is also just common sense not to despatch a plant like the one you received. My package instantly made me wish I had bought more plants and surely that is just what any company wants.

    It will be interesting to see if your replacement is any better.

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