To All the Plants I’ve Loved Before

When I saw this flower today and questioned Mrs Bun about it, she said “Not a clue, it must have come from a freebie packet of seeds but can’t remember which.”  But I knew it.  I knew I had grown it.  I knew I had loved it.  But I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was called.  A cosmos flower with different foliage to the usual Cosmos bipinnatus   – the likes of ‘Purity’ and the Sonata series.  And it niggled me.  Whilst methodically dead heading lavender I was all the while thinking “I know it, I know I know it” trying to access the part of my brain that stores such information.  But nothing.  I admitted defeat, I googling “orange cosmos” and hey presto there it was, Cosmos sulphureus. Of course, of course!  So simple.  But when you’ve admired so many plants, there will be occasions that one of your old loves slip your mind.   It can only get worse.

12 thoughts on “To All the Plants I’ve Loved Before

  1. I remember flower names better than people’s names too. It’s funny observing how the memory works when you’re struggling to recall a plant name you haven’t used for some time. Luckily, a vague jumble of letters usually turns into something you can Google these days.


  2. Oh yes. Plants and people both. I went to a college reunion once and a man I’d never seen before said hello to me at the pre-dinner drinks. I said hello politely and moved on. Only worked out after I’d got home that it was someone I’d gone out with for an entire term…


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