Six on Saturday – Right Place/Wrong Place

After my week’s respite from Sixing I am feeling energised and inspired.  Not really.  I thought that if I typed that it would become the truth, but no, it didn’t work.  The week has been draining, but on the whole great fun.  No doubt some of you will also have had to endure/enjoy above average temperatures that inevitably wilts us Brits and suffer the relentless horseflies that pursue gardeners for sport.   Still I will do my best for you and most especially for The Most Worshipful and Esteemed Propagator who never shirks his responsibilities and is relentless in his pursuit of the perfect Six on Saturday.  Let us begin.

First, we have Leucanthemum ‘Engelina’, a shasta daisy.  Unfortunately, the Head Gardener (me) thought it would grow a little taller than it has and its beauty is hidden by a more vigorous salvia in front.  It doesn’t seem to have done it any harm, we can live with a little leaf nibblage.   For the meantime I will excuse this error by considering it a lovely surprise to come across when rummaging around in the border.

Next a eucomis, full name unknown.  It was a bit of a surprise when it appeared.   I don’t remember ever acquiring one, by fair or foul means.  It seems to have made itself at home all by itself.  No complaints though, I am always open to those kind of unexpected events.

Onto Nemesia ‘Myrtille’, bought during my bargain bin extravaganza a few weeks ago.  It, and its scarlet mate, are filling spaces in my Belfast sink planter in the front garden.   Someone (yes, I’m looking at you Mr Mollusc) decimated my gorgeous red bedding verbena, which I believe are now called glandularia.  I know, sounds like a tropical disease.  The culprit has never been found although the case is not yet closed.  The ver… glandularia are now in a safe place, we are keeping their exact location secret for security reasons.

Last year I bought Lycianthes rantonnetii as a mere stripling, but before the season was out it had shot up to 2m.  In the spring it was moved to a more appropriate place.  It didn’t turn a hair and is now flowering beautifully and growing splendidly.   Result.  If only life was always so simple.

Earlier in the week Mrs Bun asked me to chop the lavender outside the Garden Room.  As it was headed for the compost heap I offered to take it off her hands.  At the moment it is drying outside in the sunshine.   Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time.

When I visited Marwood Hill Gardens a couple of weeks ago, the wonderful Malcolm gifted me this Impatiens arguta ‘Alba’.  Yesterday I noticed that it had started to flower.  Fabulous.  A wonderful present.

That is it, all done.  Until next time!

20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Right Place/Wrong Place

    1. I was just thinking “no one ever says anything, perhaps they think I am weird and are sniggering together in a corner” and there you are saying nice things. Thank you, well timed and much appreciated, looking forward to seeing you too! x


      1. Just wanted to add that I enjoyed reading your post too. However, it seems that its me that is ‘Billy no mates’ having no comments (not asking for pity comments by the way). Glandularia? Poor Verbeena, what did she do to deserve this? Whoever comes up with this stuff needs a supervisor like those at the registrars office who tells parents they can’t call their children by ridiculous or offensive names.

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  1. Such a lovely six. No heatwave down here so no complaints from me (other than being covered in cloud for two days whilst the rest of the UK fried, but that’s OK as I prefer not to be fried). The Impatiens is interesting as is Marwood Hill garden.

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  2. I love impatiens, especially the exotic ones and I’m looking for one to plant here (not easy to find in that corner …). Pretty Lycianthes and eucomis. Too bad you don’t remember the name anymore. I’m waiting for mine to open, but I think it looks a bit like mine. We’ll see that in the next few weeks.

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  3. A lovely six, great shasta daisy – good surprises in the border are very welcome, and the impatiens is very appealing. I was looking at my lavender yesterday wondering whether to cut it back, decision made – probably!!

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  4. Most everyone in many diverse places mentions the unseasonable warmth. Our weather had been weirdly mild, and cooler than normal. It only started getting normally warm in the past two weeks or so, and got over 100 degrees only a few times this year. I can not complain. I happen to like mild weather.
    Our Shasta daisies happen to be in an ‘off’ phase at the moment. They seem to be blooming quite nicely for everyone else. You know, they are quite popular in milder regions of California, but will not survive the cool winters in the Shasta region.


  5. Your photos are stunning this week, to the extent they vied w/your ‘Weird Woman’ take on your gardening! An image search of that impatien has made me very envious of you gift from Malcolm. What do you do w/the dried lavender – all for scenting or will you be flavouring things w/them?


  6. Some seed of Impatiens arguta fell into my pocket a couple of years ago and I was pleased to see yesterday that they have buds on them. Now I’m not so pleased cos that white one is definitely superior. Perhaps the wonderful Malcolm would save me some seed.


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