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Today is my birthday.  I love birthdays.  I may have mentioned it before.  Any excuse to be special for a day.  But I am not telling you this in the faint hope you might send me a tiara or a Nebuchadnezzar of Dom Perignon.  A nod and a smile would be quite enough.  A kiss might be nice.

For some reason on this day I have been reminded of when my much-loved Dad died.  Returning to work the top boss, who I did not respect and therefore did not consider to have any authority over me and was not to be confused with my proper boss who was a gent and an Irishman, said “this happens every day” in way of condolence. I am not being maudlin, I am just wondering why he thought it an appropriate thing to say.

But of course it does.  As do birthdays.

36 thoughts on “Birthday Blog

  1. Birthday wishes to you. As for the ‘boss’ saying what he did, well there’s not much iI can say to that! I can’t manage the Tiara or the champagne but Happy Birthday to you! XXX

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    1. Wishing you a birthday and year ahead of robust health, good company, inspiration and shared laughter… The comment of ‘the top boss’ just shows the wisdom of advice to ‘question authority’… Status certainly isn’t always accompanied by wisdom or compassion… let alone vision.

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  2. They could make that man the top boss, but not a gentleman. Perhaps, not overly human, now that I think of it. But birthdays, yes! In my opinion, the entire birthday month should be celebrated. At the very least, there should be very good cake. Congrats, making it through another year. Many more to come.

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  3. I agree with Lora, and do find ways to treat yourself the whole of August as your birthday month. Each day you are special, but on your birthday everyone can acknowledge this. Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns. xx

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  4. Happy birthday! I’ve forgotten tho; how many years till you hit 30? That champagne guy is overrated. I know a chap named Dom who has a vineyard. You could provide the bubbles. xx

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  5. Happy Birthday Gill! Only listen to what your heart says 🙂 Be healthy and be happy with the loved ones! Celebrate a month, a day, or one hour, as you wish, you are your own boss :)) And to many more!

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  6. I’m so sorry that your ‘boss’ responded in the way he did. I can only hope his approach was his way of dealing with it, lots of folk just do not know how to. People might die every day but one’s much loved Dad only dies once.
    We are the blessed ones who had much loved Dads.


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