Six on Saturday – I’m Back

After a couple of weeks absent from Six on Saturday-ing (what do you mean you didn’t notice?), I am back in the loving arms of the SoS family.   You might imagine that whilst away I was undertaking exciting and adventurous exploits, about which you would be only half right.  Half of the time, not half of me.   For the uninitiated pop over to The Propagator’s blog where you will be able to find out exactly what you are missing.  You can then choose to either run for the hills or join in.   ps escape while you still are in control of your own destiny.  Let’s get on, there is fish curry to prepare!

First we have a marigold, Calendula ‘Neon’.   The garden has taken on a life of its own and I am just letting it get on with it.  I have relaxed into the anarchy.  This was planted at the base of the Forest Pansy and was nibbled and struggled through drought.  Still it give pleasures.  Respect.

Next we have Cosmos ‘Seashells Mix’, that has eventually got a move on and bothered to flower.  The seeds were either a freebie or in the bargain bin, as I wouldn’t normally have chosen this make and model.  However, I must admit I rather like its flounces.  Another plant is yet to open, but the buds suggest that it will be a dark pink – watch this space for the outcome!

The pack of assorted sempervivum’s I bought a few weeks ago, have eventually been potted up and just to prove that I didn’t copy Jim completely, I put them in a square seed pan.  Oh yes, and a round one which admittedly is the same …….  Never mind, as they say, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Now the glorious Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’.  And friend.   The flower looks rather random in its form, which is in part due to the angle of photography but also because it is a curiously beautiful creature.

Next a little tomato, hiding so a big gardener doesn’t eat it.  Failed!

Finally we have Salvia ‘Phyllis Fancy’ which has rampaged through the border, terrorising all the other occupants.  It is forgiven because it has furry flowers.

That is it, all done, I’ll see you in the gloamin’!


23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – I’m Back

  1. It is true that the angle of view of the photography of Salvia ‘Hadspen’ is not common … It gives something original! it is very beautiful. Like Chris, I’ll add more next year and my cuttings, here or there, will start in autumn.

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  2. That Salvia involucrata ‘Hadspen’ has a contented smiley, eyes closed face, unless I’m imagining things. The white cosmos is looking better than my white cosmos.

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  3. Two more cracking Salvias, a genus stuffed with riches. Talking of which, the S. gesneriifloras are now chunky 18 inch bushy plants in 3 litre pots, no flower though. Next year. The other thing (forgotten name) is a similar size.


  4. Welcome back. I have the salvia Hadspen on my wish list. Does it always come with free creatures! I’m getting in salvia mode for next year – as long as I don’t forget it over winter! More orange is also on my list for next year and that calendula is a great colour


  5. Love those furry salvias! And I have to confess I haven’t missed you, but then lif has been a tad hectic in recent weeks so my blog visits have been quite random! Nice to have you back though 😎


  6. Okay, really, I didn’t notice because I have not been around either. As you can see, I got here a week late. That is my excuse.
    Anyway, your cosmos is rad. When I trialed ‘Seashells Mix’ years ago, got no white. I don’t now what happened with that mix. It was pretty. Actually, it was very pretty. I just don’t do cosmos.


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