Six on Saturday – November Cheer

I am determined to remain upbeat for this week’s Six on Saturday.   Apparently, according to a memo I received this week from our mentor The Prop, it is important that we keep our happy faces on, given all that is going on at the moment.  And, as we all know, what The Prop wants, The Prop gets.  This morning’s result didn’t help.  Then I heard the story of the South African captain, Siya Kolisi, and my disappointment turned to love and respect.  There is always something there, something to turn things round.  We just have to look a little closer.

Shall we kick off with the psychedelic partnership of Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ and Fuchsia hatschbachii.  Both were distinctly underwhelming earlier in the season.  The same can not be said for them now.  Planted in a collapsing half barrel in the frozen north, they get absolutely no direct sun now.  Do they care?  Not likely!

Next we have Jacaranda mimosifolia grown from Mallorcan seed.  It has had a good summer outside, growing well all things considered.  Last week I moved it to the waiting room, just outside the back door.  Soon it will be moved inside for a winter sojourn away from the elements, attempting to inflict a little class on the spider plants.

Onto nasturtium and friend.  I have reached the time of the year when I say “oh, bless its little cotton socks” rather than reaching for a brick.  This of course is very short sighted of me, they will return in droves to haunt me, punishing my soft heartedness.  You may have noticed by the attractive drops on the leaf that it is raining still.  On a day off I really don’t care.

Now an unknown penstemon, a cutting from a former client’s garden.  It has flowered all summer and is showing no sign of retiring from active duty.

The Lavandula pinnata has thrived this summer.  I really should have taken some cuttings but I didn’t so there is no point worrying now.  It is in a sunny, well drained spot, so the odds are stacked in its favour.  I may have just jinxed myself.

Finally, the exotic glamour of Impatiens flanaganae.  After a dramatic pause it has come into flower just in time to make number six.  Definitely worth the wait.

Not sure that was particularly cheery, but one does what one can, until the next time ….



24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – November Cheer

      1. The fuschia/begonia colours are very striking and definitely cheerful! What a dainty Impatiens! Down under the Jacaranda are nearing the end of their flowering period and all have beautiful carpets of mauve petals around them.

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  1. Have not you thought about planting your jacaranda in the ground?
    Mine is now 2.50 m tall and is still potted in the greenhouse, but I think I will have to give it a chance to live better … or die.
    Mine keeps its beautiful little leaves all year long, but apart from that it could lose them and they could start from the trunk in the spring? What do you think of it?
    (With a very good mulch to protect the roots)

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    1. I’m a bit hesitant …….. mine is still a baby but eventually it will have to stay outside. You go first 🙂 Seriously, if it is in a sheltered place then, it may have a chance. Has yours ever thought about flowering? How large do they have to get, or is it sun hours or heat?

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      1. Mine has not bloomed so far, but I read it had to measure about 2-3m to start. No need for sun or heat to start blooming. Just a tree of 4-5 years old. (If I’m not mistaken, mine could bloom next year or the next year)
        The trunk is 5cm in diameter and the flowers come when the tree has old wood.

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  2. Fuchsia hatschbachii is a handsome plant to have, however one acquires it. I also have Begonia ‘Glowing Embers’ but had not thought to put them together, thank you for the tip!
    Impatiens flanaganae is definitely going on my wish list. How I love your photos of beautiful plants and the temptation it provokes! Happy gardening, x.

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  3. Oh, I did not know you grew a jacaranda. It is one of the trees I miss from down south. They were popular in some parts of the Los Angeles region, but not others. They were a common street tree in Long Beach and Santa Monica, and flanked some of the boulevards in western Los Angeles, but I do not remember many in Beverly Hills, which is nearby. They are not as happy up here.


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