A frosty morn; a road trip with Hero, warmed by winter mixture; a coffee rendevous with Torrington Tina, Rusty Duck and Mrs Bun; a lesiurely wander around sugar sifted gardens, enjoying the familiar and admiring the new; chickens and fir cones and deer and ferns; icy rills and the ghosts of water lilies; soup, cheddar and chatter; bargain buying; squashes and pak choi; conifers and grasses; reflections and back lighting; and laughter, of course, laughter.  Everything a trip to RHS Rosemoor with your friends should be.  And more.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better.

A ginormous disco ball hanging in a stately oak.

20 thoughts on “Best

      1. A gazing ball is like a convex mirror that goes where a hallway turns one way or another, so that one can see and avoid someone coming around a corner. However, rather than convex, they are completely spherical. They started as the equivalent of a a convex mirror where four walkways intersect in a garden, but are really just ornamental, and are actually more popular in informal gardens. (Formal gardens are so unpopular nowadays.)

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  1. What fun. Wonderful to get together with other gardening bloggers. RD has better eyes than I for I can’t see you in the disco ball, but it’s an interesting image all the same.


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