Six on Saturday – Guest Blog with Fat Ol

Before we begin let us get one thing straight, my name is not Fat Ol.  I am Perfectly Formed Ol.  Due to Gill being “too busy doing nonspecific important things” I have reluctantly agreed to stand in.  Between you and me, don’t tell a soul, she said (and this is a direct quote) “I can’t be bothered, you do the Six on Saturday, just waffle on a bit, no one will notice”.  Never one to baulk at a journalistic opportunity, I agreed.  To my mind it is about time a bit of class was introduced to the proceedings.  If you would like to discover more about the wonderful world of Six on Saturday, pop on over to the marvellous, nay inspired, blog of our master The Prop.  Her shirker self took these photographs as my delicate paws have trouble with the camera buttons, so I will have to make the best of what I am given.  Shall we proceed.

First we have a portrait of the gorgeous Me!  I think She might have been trying to photograph something else, but I pointed out the error of her ways.  A splendid shot I thought and looking rather swelte. Though I say it myself.

Next a rather boring shot, definitely lacking in the ginger department.  I believe it is called Lavandula pinnata.  Not much to see here.  Although I must admit it is flowering rather well at the moment and smells just lovely.

Now we have some under garments.  Specifically some new thermals.  I believe they worked very well.  I would have liked to show you her new longjohns, but unfortunately they have been censored, far too saucy.

Although I officially live next door, Gill’s garden is also my territory and therefore I am the one to come to for any insider information.  There is still plenty of jungle to crawl about in and hide and do other things that annoy her when she is weeding.  She always forgives me, especially as I blame my sister Daisy.  The agapanthus has had an unexpected last horrah.  It is looking a bit ragged.  I heard on Catlitter that last week her grumpiness had a problem with her spelling.  Embarrassing.  The Saliva ‘Phyllis’ Fancy’ is forming a perfect backdrop.  Cold weather on the way.  Things may well change.

The varietated wallflower is coming into its own now the surrounding show offs in pots have been snugged into corners.  Helpful as ever and, I am sure you will agree, such a lovely assistant, I helped by delicately pointing at the plant in question.

I keep telling her, “the watched nerine never boils” but still she stares and pokes and prods – when she should be stroking me!  Next week ……

That is my shift over, six of the perhaps not best but it’s all we’ve got.  ‘Til next time.





26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Guest Blog with Fat Ol

  1. Tell OI he has a distant cousin close to me, and I may ask him to write my blog some time….sadly Smoky may not be as kind as OI as S is not allowed in my garden. That Nerine is just waiting to blossom.

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  2. Such fun, Gill, I smiled all the way through. I do miss having a cat. Our last one departed a few years ago, and I still see him around the garden ( in my mind’s eye) and in the house whenever a pair of black shoes has been left on the floor.
    Is that wallflower one of the perennial ones? Such a good doer in my garden and full of lovely purple flowers.


  3. A lovely amusing post – well done Ol. I hope you don’t mess in the borders though, that isn’t very nice. Maybe you should have a quiet word with my neighbouring cats. Black cats. Who wait under the willow tree for an unsuspecting Robin. I am sure you wouldn’t dream of doing that.


  4. O he is so perfectly formed. Look at the nose. Look at the half closed eyes & perfect mouth. And the helpfully pointing paw . . . He seems a much more gentile cat than Mizzy BunnyButt who lives w/me. But maybe he’s just using his Visiting Manners when at yours. Quite liked that nerine coming out.

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