10 thoughts on “Glitter Free Zone

  1. I am off glitter from now on, not good to let the stuff loose in the environment however pretty it looks. And this from someone who as a child made cards covered in glue and liberally sprinkled with tubes of the stuff. I now know the error of my ways.


  2. I am an absolute Scrooge when it comes to glitter: hate the stuff with a passion. I refuse to buy any be-glittered greeting cards and have learned to carefully slit open any received holiday-card envelopes directly over the kitchen trash can so that any loose offending stuff can fall directly into its proper place.


  3. Heather is neither popular nor traditional here like it is in other places, particularly Britain and Eastern Canada. Yet, a large type of heather, which might be Erica arborea, used to be grown in Montara as a cut flower crop. It was a long time ago, and the fields had already been abandoned for decades by the middle of the the 1980s. They look like they are growing wild there, except that the fields have straight edges, and the heather is arranged in very neat rows. (The rows can not be seen from outside, but are quite clear where they heather has grown tall. I intend to eventually grow a copy of it, just because I miss Montara so.

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