In our house we are very happy that the wind has changed direction.   As I type I am accompanied by a roaring, whistling, splashing medley.  Much mischief is occurring in the back garden, where the weather is doing its utmost to uproot plants, dishevel pots and flatten the shed which is being held up by ivy and good intentions.  On the other side all is relative calm.  As our bedroom is at the front of the house, this means that our night will be a quiet one.  The windows will not rattle and creak while I lay alert planning what to do if they fall in, the floor boards will not shudder in authentic haunted house manner and we will hopefully sleep the sleep of the innocent.  Which is good for everyone.  I am very grumpy if I don’t get my sleep.

I was quite the opposite of grumpy when I spotted this little rose flowering at The Bun’s today.  So sweet, so vulnerable, I wonder if it will be there in the morning.


8 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. Another weird year methinks. Roses in flower and in bud. At Christmas! Nice. Just remind OH that he’d better not start snoring or he’ll have to move to a back bedroom to mask the noise. 🙂 Meanwhile, enjoy buns with your tea. xx

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  2. I am so fed up re the gales, like you I am near the coast and get the full force! But also I have roses in bloom so still love to go out and stroll around the garden, just to see what is surviving.


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