A Solstice Six on Saturday

In the northern hemisphere, tomorrow is the winter solstice.  It is a time of optimism, an opportunity shout “up yours” to winter and, whilst shaking an angry fist, “your reign is nearly over Baby”.  The currently submissive Day will begin to nibble at the dominant Night, slowly at first, getting hungrier as the weeks pass.  Before we know it spring will be making its welcome presence felt and we will have more hours of light to practice our noble profession.  Some perhaps not so noble.   It might take a while but at least we are the right road.  Before our very own Arch Druid, The Prop, starts prancing about in the altogether around the local football pitch, you could pop on over to his blog and find out what everyone else is up to.  I would keep your clothes on though, ’til tomorrow anyway.  Shall we proceed with SoSing?

First we have a viola, looking a little bit sad but soldiering on valiantly.  They usually have a nap through the worst of the winter, returning triumphant as the season wanes.  Although not vigorous these are popping open flowers on a regular basis.  It is much appreciated.

Next we have a swelling seed pop of Tibouchina ‘Groovy Baby’.  This little shrub has been flowering continually through hell and highwater.  Literally.  It is the first time I have noticed it setting seed and am keeping half an eye on its progression.  This might not be enough; I must be more vigilant.

Onto one of the bedding primulas which are planted in the Belfast sink at the front of the house.   The incessant harsh weather seems to have melted the petals.  Interesting.

Now a feisty soul, this pelargonium still battling through, deliciously dark flowered and edged with raspberry.

And the plucky Nerine undulata, bowed and ragged.   You can’t knock the intent.  Do you get points for “trying hard”?  I certainly hope so, both for the nerine and myself.

And lastly, the world.  Every year I buy at least one new decoration for our overladen tree.  This year it is a globe.  It appears that it is being pecked at by a gigantic bird.  Unfortunately, that is the least of its problems.

Happy solstice everyone, the only way is up!



23 thoughts on “A Solstice Six on Saturday

  1. I can a lot of raindrops on your photos …;) Here it has rained reasonably for the past few days but we have nothing to complain about compared to those who have suffered floods.
    Beautiful photos and for me, I’m trying to sow tibouchina … we’ll see if it works.

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  2. Lucky you with so many flowers still. Though viewing your pics with my usual enthusiasm was a bit difficult as I now cannot get the image of a naked dancing Mr Prop out of my mind. Thanks for that. 🥴

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  3. Yeh, a naked Prop prancing around a soggy lawn takes some beating! Happy Solstice to you Gill, I just wish this bl**dy rain would stop! Or move to Australia where it would be appreciated. Enough is enough…🌧☔

    (I do like your world bauble, even though I no longer do a Xmas tree)

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  4. Such a novelty to see flowers with raindrops on them. I love the way violas pop up everywhere…always welcome. It is more than depressing here just now (42 degrees yesterday) and I didn’t have the heart to do a six. I hope your Christmas is wonderful and that you get some sunshine.


  5. I love the deep colour of that pelargonium, for that alone I would forgive it for not previously flowering. I too have melting primulas …so much rain. Belated happy solstice, good to see that JK is making the odd appearance still. Happy Christmas.


  6. You make it sound like winter is a bad thing. We don’t get enough of it. There is sufficient chill for the plants that need it, but there is not enough time to get all the pruning done before the cool weather runs out. Your pelargonium implies that winter does not get too cool there either, although I suspect that winter is a bit more pronounced than it is here.

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    1. The thing is that winters here are mainly damp and dreary which can get rather depressing. It doesn’t get too cold down here in the South West, but the prolonged wet does kill. If it was all crisp sunny cold days it would be fine.

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