Grevillea ‘Olympic Flame’

This beauty is Grevillea ‘Olympic Flame” with its exotic flowers that remind me of tropical birds of paradise or perhaps scorching uncut toenails.  Take your pick.  One image is definitely more attractive than the other.

Which ever you decide upon, it is a fabulous shrub and hardier than its fancy plumage would suggest.   I have decided to dwell upon the avian simile.



7 thoughts on “Grevillea ‘Olympic Flame’

  1. All of the Grevilleas that I am aware of are very well rated for our chaparral climate. They really should be more popular here than they are. Unfortunately (!), I am very allergic to some of them. It is a rare allergy, but is enough to keep me from working with them. If I handle them too much or too aggressively, it is like handling poison oak.


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