Six on Saturday – The Right Direction

February has arrived; the month of love, the last hurrah of winter, a time of increasing optimism.  In theory anyway.  The shortest of month of the year can sometimes seem the longest, plodding through to March which itself can be slow to reveal spring.  However, there are definite advances in the garden, subtle often, but all the same heading in the right direction.  Why don’t you take a look at what The Prop and all his acolytes are up to, I’m sure they will prove my point.

What better place to begin than my waterproof trousers on the washing line in the pouring rain.  I came across them when I was sorting my tools out earlier in the week.  They were very muddy and, taking full advantage of the dreadful weather, this was my cunning plan to wash them.  My very helpful OH pegged the legs up as they were caught on the pyracantha.  Could have sprung a leak.  Another disaster averted.

Next is Galanthus ‘S. Arnott’.  I think it might be a Six on Saturday law to feature a snowdrop before the winter is out.  Any SoSers out there yet to comply had better act quickly or risk the wrath of Mr P himself.

I was very pleased to find this Eschscholzia californica ‘Red Chief’ looking so healthy.  And yes, Mr T, I know you aren’t keen on these cultivar infiltrators.  Will you let me off with a foliage shot?  I’m very happy as it looks strong which bodes well for flowers in the nearish future.  I know that there is a long way to go, but a good base is always useful.

Now we have the monster that is Salvia gesneriiflora, just coming into flower.  It has almost taken over the Bed of Anarchy and bang on schedule is beginning to bloom.  Some culling will almost certainly be necessary.

Onto Iris reticulata, a great favourite of mine.  Sorry I don’t know which one it is.  Blame the labeller.

Lastly a bowed Calendula ‘Neon’, a survivor from last year, snuggling up to a phormium.  Always good to find a rogue having a go out of season.  Showing willing.  An example to us all.

All done, ’til next time!


27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Right Direction

  1. The most amazing thing for me was seeing the raindrops on your iris reticulata. What an enthralling sight that is, something I haven’t seen for a while. Fresh, and a charming shade of blue.

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  2. Beautiful photos and great post! I am amazed by all the blooming flowers you have in your garden while it still winter! ❤ You are blessed! 🙂

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  3. All looking exceedingly colourful in your patch. That red salvia is fabulous! Could the iris be ‘Harmony’? It is a lovely blue. Trouble is so many of these little irises look the same!


  4. Some really great photos this week. The iris, of course, which is smashing, but also the calendula & friend. As I have no snowdrops blooming in my garden, I call your bluff on the, Wait ’til Mr P gets home, threat. I believe he referred to himself as a snowdrop atheist, & if he didn’t, I dreamt it which makes it just as real. Am jealous I never thought to clean my waterproofs like that.

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