Six on Saturday – Resilience

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for the world; fire and flood, plague, false prophets, the whole shebang!  In my own small and insignificant world we have soldiered on, protected from all but a smidgeon of the evil portents, although not always with our smiley faces on.  There have casualties and but many more survivors.  This weekend is set to bring more challenges, which we have no option but to endure.  But there is nothing like nature to demonstrate resilience, the urge to survive is paramount.  To see how the rest of the Six on Saturday world is faring, check out what is going on over at The Prop’s where I am sure positivity will abound.  Let us get on.

First we have a hellebore which, with a little help from its lovely assistant, is showing its hidden beauty.  With its head hung low it has escaped the worst of winds.  Each year I promise to move it to a more accessible position.  Each year I forget/lose my bottle.

The bully boy in yellow pants, Narcissus ‘Tête-à-Tête’, was ravaged by our recent weather.  These flowering spikes were ripped from their planter several feet away and dumped unceremoniously on the ground.  I have no doubt they will return next year, despite their rough treatment.  I am very pleased to see the Aquilegia canadensis showing a leg in the background.

Next the glossy bronzed leaves of Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Tom Thumb’ which is snuggled between a hydrangea and buddleia.  No sign of trauma here.  God bless hardy evergreens.

One of the branches of a large and very woody rosemary toppled during the reign of Ms Ciara.  I have decided to leave it be until the weather moderates.  A snail is very pleased that I have chosen a non-interventionist approach.

The Solanum rantonnetii is looking a little worse for wear.  Fried to a crisp and, bearing in mind the toxicity of the plant, not as tasty.  The plant is vigorous and I have every faith it will come back fighting in the spring.

Lastly an osteospermum providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for a small green caterpillar.  I wondered if it was an inch worm of some sort.  Perhaps.  It has had a good munch, which even the most hard hearted could not deny.

Stay safe, keep your chins up and dream of happy days.


24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Resilience

  1. Ciara has been a bad girl…Do you think your rosemary will recover? If it’s like lavender, I guess not. I lost a large lavender plant 3 years ago because of a storm that had broken large branches and it rotted later…

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  2. Your Hellebore is beautiful, and you have plenty of new growth showing through – that’s always so encouraging.

    I think you sum it up when you say “casualties and but many more survivors”. So true in the gardening world, plants are flattened by storms, but most are hardy enough to regenerate and reappear the following year.

    I think we all just have to look at the new growth in areas of Australia hit by bush fires to wonder at the resilience of nature. I think I shouldn’t be grumbling about a bit of stormy weather in winter.

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  3. Nice, nice leave it all until the horrid weather passes , up to two years if necessary. That is what I do. I have a lovely Leonitis just starting to flower you should check out….Best wishes for Dennis’s departure and chocolate.


  4. It’s not the damage in my garden that is upsetting me, but the damage in the house. Amazing how much water can drip through… I feel so sorry for those folks in the north who have been flooded yet again.

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