Six on Saturday – Thankful

Another week of lockdown passed; another Six on Saturday completed.  A few months ago I would never have dreamt that I would type those words.  Still, I consider myself most fortunate, I have many reasons to be thankful.   One of which, and a blessing indeed, is being a member of the wonderful Six on Saturday community.  For those of you still ignorant about this Meme of Memes, pop on over to Meme Master and he will enlighten you.  Don’t stand too close though.  It is very infectious.  Shall we proceed?

First we have Libertia grandiflora.  Actually I am a little miffed with this plant.  Not only did I get all excited due to a label misfunction and thought it was going to be a dietes, then it spread its seedlings across most of Christendom and I have been pulling them out of pots since February.  But the flower is nice.  It might get a big split when it has done showing off.

You now that feeling when something doesn’t come up and you are beginning to wonder if you actually planted it, then a nose pokes up and you are jubilant?  Well here is a prime example, the emerging Dichelostema ida-maia.  I have grown these strange creatures before and am very fond of them.  Hopefully they will make it through to flowering and I will share with you all.

Onto the most serene and worshipful Pulmonaria ‘Opal’.  A yogic amongst the chaos.

Now we have Rhodotypos scandens, an old SoS favourite, and quite rightly so.  Buffeted and blown all winter long, and again these last few days, it has been a-buzzing for weeks.

The violas have right-on-cue redeemed themselves, springing into glorious action just when I was thinking about replacing them with summer bedding.  Except I have no summer bedding, which is just as well really.

Lastly the exotic and most previous Impatiens stenantha.  Now living in an enclave with its other impatiens mates.  It seems quite happy.

That is your lot my friends, see you next week, take care and be well.

23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Thankful

  1. I ran out of patience with Liberia grandiflora a long time ago and banished it. I still have seedlings coming up years after it last dropped any. Your Impatiens is very previous, doesn’t it normally disappear completely over winter? Or is it already flowering on new growth?

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  2. Dichelostema ida-maia had to be pasted in order to be viewed…many will have done this. Never seen it till now…can’t wait till it is up and you post pictures.

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  3. ‘Opal’? I have never seen a white pulmonaria before. Of course, even the common sorts are uncommon here.
    Pansies and violas are still out in the landscapes here as well. We have been unable to change them. There is no one here to see what we do or do not do anyway. Cool season annuals happen to last a long time here in this sheltered location.


  4. I’m one of those who had to google ‘Dichelostema ida-maia’ to find out what it looks like. I won’t be able to remember (or even pronounce) the name, but I’m sure I’ll remember the Firecracker plant. It looks strangely alien – but beautiful. I hope it flowers well for you and you can share photographs on a future Six.

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  5. I think you may have identified my lungwort, Pulmonaria ‘Opal’ looks very much like mine. And I am glad that I read your post and Jim’s comments about the Libertia as I have always fancied that, but maybe not. The Impatiens on the other hand looks like an orchid! I have never seen one like that. And I also had to look up the plant with the unpronouncable name! ‘Californian Firecracker’ is fabulous. I am very tempted.


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